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PC3 OR PC5 for kaswa z 1000 2008 Help Please

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  • PC3 OR PC5 for kaswa z 1000 2008 Help Please

    Hi Guys,

    I'm considering to install one of the above. I've sent an email to amber at sbk and got the following answer:

    Hey Alex,

    Dynojet is listing the PCIII for the 08 and the PCV for the 09. That being said...everything from the 08 seems to work on the 09 and vice versa. Dynojet will not confirm that the PCV will work on the 08 (mainly because they want you to buy the PCIII for the 08 and PCV for the 09). But the choice is yours.

    If later you want to add an ignition module then I would suggest the PCIII because it is readily available and the one for the PCV has not been released.

    My question is: Have anyone installed one of the above? in a similar bike, or did you have any issues with them?
    Thank you for your comments. Cheers

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    There was a thread on this a while ago which basically said Power Commander advised the PCV for 09 bikes, but only because they had only tested it on 09 models (even if the 08 was identical). I fitted a PC111 to my 09 Busa after speaking with Russ at Dynotime who advised that he didn't have the additional gear to take advantage of the PCV's additional software so there was no point. That may have changed by now.


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      PCIII is sufficient to deal with what you are trying to achieve..


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        A friend of mine fitted a PCV to a 2006 issues whatsoever. Bike runs like a dream (apparently)
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          i have the PCV fitted to the 08 zx10 no problems at all
          with the PCIII throttle positon goes up in 10% intervals and on the PCV there are a couple of 5% intervals allowing to tune the AFR a lil closer and the 5% intervals are around the cruising rev range so makes it a touch more pokey

          apparantly the PCV allows you to do things like nos and turbo without need the extra hub unit but im nor clear on how that side works ......
          the PVC also has a self tune extra for about 350 to 400 bucks so you dont need to keep goin to dyno after each mod you do

          for just a tune on your bike the PCIII will be fine juust depends on what you want prices are very simular ATM too


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            Thanks guys, will go simple and do the PCIII. Cheers


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              get a dyno tune avoid the stock map (downloaded ones )not as good


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                Originally posted by hammerhead View Post
                get a dyno tune avoid the stock map (downloaded ones )not as good
                +1. I have a PCIII and persisted with a downloaded map for some time. Took it to Todd Paterson in Bunbury and had it properly dynoed. I should have done it straight up. Don't muck around, just do it.
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