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  • RS125 Vibration

    Hey team, got a problem that someone out there might be able to advise me on -

    The other day I was riding my 2000 RS125 down the freeway, when the engine missed a beat and locked up the back wheel for a second, then coughed back into life and kept going. After that, the engine note is now a little less throaty than usual and the whole bike vibrates around like crazy, at the same "cadence" as the engine revs.

    (Yes, it's a two-stroke. Yes, I know it shakes around normally. This is like riding a 240 volt vibrator at the moment)

    So what should I do from here? Anyone have any ideas about what's going on or suggestions? I think it's been about 5-6000 k since last top end rebuild, is it worth taking to a shop for diagnosis/repair or a DIY job?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    Step one would be stop riding it till you/shop have taken a look.

    if you are unsure you could post up a ride/meet to your place see if any of the knowledgeable two stroke guys can spot any issues


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      Seriously helpful there, I hadn't thought of that at all.

      Didn't put it in the first post, but I haven't ridden it since, or had time to rip it apart myself. Getting home from work tomorrow and have a week off to look at it then.


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        .. with the rear wheel locking up for a sec I'd say you've had a 'nip up' (minor seizure). I'd pull it down & check the barrel & piston for evidence.

        Looks like you'll be plying one or more of the 2 stroke crew with a few beers so they can give ya the lowdown.
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          yeah mate the piston seized in the cylinder... u have to pull it apart and inspect the bore/piston, because it would have damaged it some what, a seizure is never any good and can end up costing a bit, what sort of 2 stroke oil do u use? and do u always warm her up??


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            yer as smeghead said you nipped up. dont ride it. it needs a full strip down and most likely new barrel and piston.

            This happened to me years ago and when i was none the wiser, went for another ride and she nearly spat me off during a high speed corner when the engine seized solid.
            you may have a blown crank seal. check it.


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              Pull out Your spark plug and see if there is any metal on it. Some of the piston may have broken off.
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                Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated. I use a motorex full synth and it is always pre-warmed - but looks like monday and tuesdaya will be spent pulling her down. Cheers all.