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  • Taking wheels off

    Ok guys as you would probobly know i have a fairly nice ZZR however the silver rims are cratched, chiped and stained. In a nutshell, in shithouse condition.

    What i want to know is how do i remove the wheels so i can paint them? Is there anything i should be aware off?

    How much would it cost to have the tyres removed and put back on, was thinking of having them powdercoated to be a little more stone resistant etc.

    Thanks fella's for your advice so far. CHAMPS!
    Go the ZZR250

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    Do you have a front stand or rear stand?
    Know anyone that does?

    If yep then lump her on stands.
    All i know before you will do your powder coating you will need to get replacement bearings and seals for the wheels coz once removed they cannot be reused.

    Anyway You're prob looking around ~150-200 for coating and prob 200ish for seal/bearing kits

    IF you don't know anyone with tyre remover I am sure Russel at 2 Wheel Wreckers will pop em off for ya or even the guys at tyres for bikes.

    I'd say don't worry about it unless you plan on keeping bike for a few years
    Will you insure me?!