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1098R Super Build.

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  • 1098R Super Build.

    Found this here. <- Clicky

    I thought you guys might want to see what it looks like when you add somewhere in the neighborhood of $80,000-$100,000 into your 1098R. We'll probably still add some bits as we build and we haven't decided on changing the bodywork yet (among other things)

    I'll post up a complete list of parts once we finish - for now just enjoy the images as we build.

    If you see something you like let me know - all easily attainable.

    Crank and titanium rods waiting to be sent out with the new pistons for balancing.

    Cases apart.

    Motocorse suspension link.

    NCR Titanium frame.

    NCR titanium clip-ons, billet triples, random titanium hardware.

    Frame being assembled.

    Ohlins RT forks.

    Carbon fiber framed bike in the background watching the Ti framed bike being built... :dance


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    Corse cam kit going in.

    NCR Titanium frame #3 and the only 1098R titanium subframe in existence.

    RAM magnesium swingarm and magnesium hub being test fit. Cases in for a test fit too.

    This is the real deal master cylinder - same that Rossi uses... super sweet if you've got $2700 to burn!

    All bolts, axles, etc... titanium

    Titanium clip-on

    Titanium bolts holding the titanium frame and rear subframe together.

    Titanium crossbar for tank mount.

    Titanium hardware and front axle. The original swingarm pivot is pictured here - it was replaced with a titanium bit.

    BST carbon wheels, Brembo HP rotors, Ohlins RT forks. Can't wait to show you the calipers!

    Titanium rotor bolts on the Brembo HP rotors.

    Front end coming together.
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      holy jesus christ...
      Home is where the Art is.


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        A few more images... it's coming together now.

        NCR titanium rear nut

        NCR titanium rear sets

        NCR titanium rear nut, NCR aluminum rear sprocket flange, Ducati Performance rear sprocket. We're waiting on some titanium nuts to replace the 6 original pieces shown.

        EVR carbon throttle body bracket

        Getting there!

        Shiny calipers... waiting on Ti bolts to arrive.

        motocorse linkage + Ohlins TTX

        Titanium ride height adjuster

        RAM magnesium swingarm looking nice

        BST carbon rear wheel before the Ti nut was added.


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          EVR carbon airbox being assembled.

          NCR Titanium rear sets with titanium hardware and carbon heel guards.

          Started running the wiring harness.


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            Okay, a few more images... Some new calipers that might please those of you who though the HP calipers weren't good enough (though I think the HP calipers are incredible). These have titanium pistons though!



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              Motor is built and back in the frame... now we can move forward again.



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                  On the left is a prototype of the titanium axle - a test run if you will, done in aluminum. On the right is the hunk of titanium that will be the final product



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                    Here are some of the items used in this build and their price/availability.

                    Built to order
                    frame: $14950
                    sub-frame: $1499
                    rear axle: $5400
                    triples w/1098R build number: $1755

                    In stock
                    slave cylinder: $331.50
                    titanium/aluminum clip-ons: $416
                    sprocket flange: $383.50
                    ride height rod: $507
                    oil plug: $52

                    2 week availability
                    titanium fastener kit engine: $1790
                    titanium fastener kit chassis: $960
                    titanium front axle and swingarm pivot: $1999
                    titanium rear sets: $1430
                    titanium fuel cap: $625


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                      Motocorse titanium dipped windscreen and Alpha Speed Carbon mirrors.

                      Driven grips. Steering damper mount is off as it is getting the OE bolts swapped out for Ti right now.

                      NCR Triple, Rizoma reservoirs.

                      It's been running a bit now!

                      Al spacers made to space the rear set out enough to clear the mega-large exhaust.

                      NCR Ti rear sets with the DP mag case, etc... new clutch will be installed next week (EVR!)

                      I think all of this has been shown already.

                      Speedcell battery with quick disconnect. Starts the bike no problem.


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                        Motocorse Titanium oil cooler and radiator guards.

                        NCR 32mm slave cylinder. You won't believe how the clutch feels on this bike! Simply amazing!

                        As assembled as it is going to be for the moment - until the rest of the parts get here.

                        Detail of the reservoir and mounting.

                        Detail of the license plate light on the carbon fiber bracket!

                        Titanium axle installed.

                        And the back side.


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                          Just running.

                          A dyno pull.


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                            Ah, this one is quite famous...

                            I have to say the most impressive bit of it for me is the rear axle! Machining that much titanium can not be an easy task.


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                              So Jules when does your 1098R arrive ? Where has that lotto ticket gone from the other day anyway?
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