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    say dose any one know how much is a service for a ducati 996-998 i am just want to know b 4 i go and get one

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    It depends on the service you are having done.
    Oil and filters? Belts and shims?
    If you are worried about service cost, perhaps a scooter would be a better option?


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      for a full service belts shims u name it


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        Not until you learn how to type properly.


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          be fair dez, tell him around 1k to 1.4k

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            Well the 996 and 998 have totally different engines, I should imagine the service costs would be somewhat higher on the Desmoquattro.


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              Well belts on my monster were around 700 iirc, oil chnage would have to be 80 - 100 havent had anything else. Not vastly different from the aprilia mind you.

              Suggest you ring Frasers and get a ball park on the different servicing costs.


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                Call Frasers then call federal reserve


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                  Bought a brand new streetfighter s there and wanted a slipper clutch, 14t sprocket, rad guards and slave cylinder installed the quoted me $600 and 5hrs!!! Took derick ball 1.5 hrs and $180 for a mobile non ducati mechanic. Wtf


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                    while Desmo puts it very bluntly he's got a point.

                    Unless your loaded - a 996/998 is a massive investment and I'm concerned with your lackadaisical approach to researching your product.

                    Seriously it will cost you twice as much as your GPX to keep on the road. Are you sure you want one or do you just like the idea of having one?


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                      well its a choice of a honda cbr, yamaha yzf 1000 thunderace or a ducati


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                        buying a ducati because it fits within the price point of those list is not the way of would go into a purchase. if servicing costs are all within what you are prepared to spend then its probably worth riding them and seeing which one speaks to you. i am lucky as i go with the bike which i can straddle given that i am height challenged. I think there is also a fair gap between the bikes you are mentioning with the ducati.


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                          If service pricing is a problem and you still want an Italian twin buy a Guzzi!
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                            Originally posted by Nero Diablo View Post
                            If service pricing is a problem and you still want an Italian twin buy a Guzzi!
                            +1 80's LeMans for eg are really easy to work on yourself. All servicing very easy. Pushrod twin with points ignition, easy to tune with a timing light or cigarette paper on the side of the road, easy to adjust valve clearance and idle balance. Dropping the sump cover for changing the oil filter a little time consuming but again, easy.

                            and if you choose to have Thunderbikes service, you get a good price for a good job. A well maintained guzzi lasts.

                            There are several 200k examples locally and I've got a 90,000k Lemans 1000 that feels like it's just been run in.
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                              A 696 monster's all I recommend you destroy after reading the mobile txt speech used on your first post.

                              But on a more serious note follow the steps below to be enlightened further on Ducati servicing.

                              1. Download the service manual for the "paticular model" your thinking about.

                              2. Look at what needs to be done at which servicing interval and match it up with the bikes odometer reading.

                              3. Then ring someone and quote the servicing interval you require and get a rough estimate.

                              Remember this price is only an estimate and if everything else on the bike is serviceable.

                              Hell if you all you did was step one and asked us the approx price of say a 12k service on a 998 08 model. Desmo would have been a lot more informative.