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  • My Sportclassic

    so i finally joined the Moto Italian group!
    it has taken me a while before i posted up pics... thought i'd get some mods on before unveiling it to you boys.

    after owning 3 jap inline 4s sports bikes i thought it was time for a change.

    so going in line with what Dru, Vbroom and I are building and strongly influenced by the movie Tron lol - i decided to get myself a cafe racer - a Ducati Sportclassic

    our project bike as im sure most of yous have seen on the thread Project 354

    SO the search began for a Sport Classic Monoposto...I was quite particular about which model i got as the later versions moved to a wet clutch and duel shocks for pillion carry.... pffft pillion...... i ride solo

    so i found a mint condition one in perth for quite a hefty amount but it only had 3800kms on it and it had a full 2-1 termi pipe with race ecu and air filter....
    the owner wouldnt budge on the price and i hmmmd and ummmd.... but managed to squeeze some funds and bought it.....

    mind you the gf wasnt too happy as i hadn't sold the cbr1000rr at that stage too.

    so here she is on the first night with the blade

    so began the ordering of parts from the interweb

    first up


    new CRG levers - shorty break and normal length clutch

    Rizoma Reverse Retro Bar End Mirrors with Rizoma Bar Ends

    Rizoma Pressure plate with Rizoma clutch cover

    new Michelin pilot pures waiting to go on

    520 chain conversion gold chain and sprockets with -1 +2 ratio (still waiting for some free time off work and help from vbroom and dru )

    lastly imho the best mod for the bike
    FLEDA taillight

    so here she is

    the AL'MIGHTY DESMO sticker

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    i guess this should have been in the member projects

    could a mod please help me move it if possible?



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      do fuckin' want

      Love this bikes,definitely my pick out of all the ducati lineup.


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        u still at curtin xuaxace? if im not mistaken?

        im there couple of days a week doing construction management, usually parked under engineering


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          Congratulations mate. These are great looking bikes and now becoming hard to get. It looks like you have been squandering some of your hard earned with JC.

          It appears you still have the unadjustable stock front forks on this. If I am correct I recommend a steering damper, if you don't already have one, as these bikes are prone to excessive head shake if you hit the right combination of bumps under acceleration. In the early days of ownership I had two underwear filling experiences whilst going in a straight line which made me seriously consider selling the bike. But a Wasp steering damper and, later, a set of Monster S4R fully adjustable forks have now made the bike a great ride. An Ohlins rear shock from JC helped a bit too.

          Have you checked out Perdition's thread in the projects section, there's some great mods there and this was my main source of info and inspiration for the mods on my bike.


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            hey sprung

            yes i have seen perditions thread and that was a beautiful bike

            i gotta agree the suspension esp the front end is not really adequate however i haven't really found it lacking riding around in the city. im gonna go to do a trackday late this month and i guess ill really find out how the suspension suits me as im pretty skinny at 67kgs

            but yeah the steering damper and a new set of forks are next on my wish list

            however after buying the bike and then a couple of grand on mods have had its toll on my bank account


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              couple of grand on mods have had its toll on my bank account
              I know the feeling.

              Check out for a damper whenever you have a spare $800 to spend. I think he is still doing them, local to WA and you can take a ride to the hills and get it in person and have a chat to a nice guy who is a pioneering modifier of these machines. If you like a good coffee it is worth the ride to just get one his, if nothing else.


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                Persition made a absolute cracker one of these, then sadly sold it, I believe he has a build thread on it.
                Old school :-)


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                  Originally posted by Pk View Post
                  u still at curtin xuaxace? if im not mistaken?

                  im there couple of days a week doing construction management, usually parked under engineering
                  Will keep an eye out for sure


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                    Recently I got a good deal from JC for some 4P Brembo front calipers. Your track day will probably show you the limitations of the stock ones.

                    Also, one my hates was the lack of rear brake, almost non existent. Made it a real pain slow riding in traffic. No matter how much I adjusted the connection from the lever to the master cylinder it was still useless. How's your's?

                    I spent a not insignificant amount getting some Sato rear sets. The change in the geometry of the connection to the master cylinder made a world of difference, I can lock up the rear wheel now, if I press hard enough. They raise the pegs a little but it is worth it to have a usable rear brake.


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                      oh MAN!
                      stop tempting me to spend more money sprung

                      yes i have noticed the rear brake was inadequate...

                      how much was the rear sets? and the brembos?
                      im thinking of doing a fork upgrade and might as well do the brakes too

                      thanks for the info mate!
                      always good to hear from a fellow sc owner

                      btw i just got a set of guage lowering brackets.
                      made a huge difference to the viewing angle of the speedo etc
                      got it from some guy on ducati ms

                      u can prob see how much lower the guages are on the pics ive posted


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                        Brand new set of 4P2P Brembo's never used for $450.

                        Sato rear sets $525. Both $US. Both from JC.

                        I got my forks from this dude, Ducati Showa fork monster,St2 ,St4 new sale price | eBay

                        Make sure you get the fully adjustable ones, I don't think the ones in that link are. I got some nitrided fully adjustable ones from him for 750 Euros. They weren't listed on his ebay site. Those Monster forks are a direct bolt in replacement.

                        I was short of cash after this so I bought some knock-off wave rotors from here

                        The gauge lowering brackets were the 3rd mod I made after some 999/749 levers and a tail chop were fitted. Dietrich was still doing them then and I think mine came from his last batch. Such a small thing makes a big difference.

                        I've got a Zard exhaust to fit and an airbox mod, either the Wasp PUK or the MWR filter and airbox chop and I'm pretty much done.......
                        The Wasp unit is more expensive but is plug and play. Probably need a remap if I go the MWR filter, so to save the hassle I'll most likely go with the Wasp unit when I get some cash together.
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                          awesum bikes, given a lotto win, i'd buy another one in a flash, but yeah i'd like one the single shockeers with the termi 2 into 1 and then work my mastercard on it


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                            single shock, termi 2into 1 and dry clutch... the noise........:fap:


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                              Beautiful! can you hang onto it for me 'til I get back from the holiday? Cheers, thanks
                              Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.