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Officially in the Ducati club now !!!

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  • Officially in the Ducati club now !!!

    Hi All,

    After a bit of a wait I took delivery of the 848 EVO on friday, and all I can say is WOW !!
    A big step up from the Ninja 250, but starting to get my head around the bike and loving every minute of it !!!!! I am taking it very cautiously, and gaining more and more confidence each ride.

    just wanted to say a huge thanks to Anthony Warnock at Frasers, who made the experience quite special. Cheers mate !!!

    Rode in to work in the city today and couldn't help blip the throttle on Howard street where I am fortunate enough to have a car bay. The sound bouncing off the buildings is truly awesome !!!!!

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    Nice bike. Please post pics!


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      Get ready for the addiction to start. You'll have 4 of them soon. Congrats.

      Carbon fibre parts now!


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        I went from a old 600 monster, that was probably as slow as a 2fidy to the 848.

        I can still remember how alien it felt.... the noise and the power I was thinking what the hell did I just get myself into with the biggest grin inside my lid.

        Took me personally 2 weeks before I could say I was just comfortable on her in the twisty's just pottering around.

        Around the 2 month mark I started to really get into her.

        Then I understood what I suspected.

        My riding ability was completely and utterly dwarfed by the potential of this bike.

        I think she will teach you a great many things for many years to come. As mine has and still is today.

        Either that or I'm just a crap rider

        Any how Congrats! I recommend a few beers in the shed next to her it never gets old.


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          My 600M was just bought as a daily hack and something to get my instructors licence on,
          that also had a bit of style and road presence.
          Allready flirting with the idea of upgrading or trading one of the other bikes for another Duc.
          Also have been tempted to buy Ducati jackets, helmets etc. Anyone got any ideas why these
          brilliant but flawed Italian bikes do this to ppl???


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            Originally posted by Aprillia Killa View Post
            Anyone got any ideas why these
            brilliant but flawed Italian bikes do this to ppl???
            Flawed! How dare you!


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              Originally posted by kryten2001 View Post
              Flawed! How dare you!
              So Kryten, never had an unschedualled trip to the mechanics, electrical glitch etc?


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                Originally posted by Aprillia Killa View Post
                So Kryten, never had an unschedualled trip to the mechanics, electrical glitch etc?
                Because that never happens on a Japanese bike ?
                It's better to be thought stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt

                Pure speed in sixth gear on a 5,000 foot straightaway is one thing, but pure speed in third gear on a gravel-strewn, downhill, ess turn is quite another.
                Hunter S. Thompson


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                  Never had a Honda do anything unexpected on me. Don't get me wrong I love Italian bikes, but they r not known for their reliability.


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                    i never had a honda do anything unexpected either, i fully expected the voltage regulator failure and the fried terminals at the stator.

                    I would have to add though that any brand daily ridden has proven more reliable to me than one on stands in the garage for recreational use, why is it that the less you ride them the more maintenance they seem to need?
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                      My Honda has needed new stator (well rewound), cdi an fuel pump.

                      Though she is 27 years old........

                      Duke so far has needed a new regulator which overseas is a common problem apparently.

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                        I think a Ducati weeds out the guys who think they like to ride.

                        You know your a rider when you've spent the last 3hrs in the garage because you want to go for a ride the next day. Knowing it's at least another 2hrs till she might be fixed and you still push through...
                        Just makes that ride all the more rewarding.

                        Admittedly my 600 monster was a pain at times but seriously the reliability on a modern duke is well beyond this petty crap that these jappers keep throwing up in our faces.

                        I got her with 3500K on the clock now she's nearing 19000K. I even rode her to from Adelaide to Sydney to Newcastle to Melbourne then did the entire great ocean Rd then to Mt Gambier and back home with not one thing going wrong with most days in the 35 - 40 deg range.

                        Only 2 things have gone wrong in the bikes 3yr history.

                        The regulator which was a recall. Think it was on the also on the 1098 too?
                        Not to mention I also have been lead to believe this was a Japanese manufactured reg....
                        My bike unfortunately missed the recall so I blew it the fist day I got it on a nice 40 deg Day.

                        And a defective radiator... which was replaced outside of warranty I might add @ $1500! EA
                        I'm not sure a Honda dealer would bother to try and get a radiator replaced under good will? Mine did.

                        But most importantly... I've done 15500K's with style! '
                        I could tell the hot chick from the Ducati road side assist was into me when I rang.


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                          Originally posted by Aprillia Killa View Post
                          So Kryten, never had an unschedualled trip to the mechanics, electrical glitch etc?
                          All part of the fun my good man. These things are alive.


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                            hey Marno congrats on selecting a nice bike. might see you around as im in city beach. absolutely agree with elcarter - bike's a great teacher for technique. still adding stuff to mine - just added a steering damper and pazzo levers. Kyten's comment is true - now the money starts to flow. mine already has termi's, race ecu, carbon, filter change, hid lites........


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                              pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......... ......................