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Wanted: 848 / 1098 / 1198 rear cowl.

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  • Wanted: 848 / 1098 / 1198 rear cowl.

    Anyone have one they no longer want or need by any chance?

    Colour does not matter.

    I want to butcher it to get the black base off.

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      Yup...have one for you I think
      ....also a rear tailpiece....and if anyone anyone wants a bi-posto rear seat, never used....
      email or PM me
      Moto Corse JP
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        Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!

        PM sent.

        Thanks M C JP!


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          Pick up the phone brother


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            Awesome to meet you Rags!
            Very tidy ride you got there man.

            Great chattin with you and thanks heaps for jumping in on this one. Hopefully I manage to make it work.
            My arse wasn't big enough to feel that stop on the way home, but yours looks the business!

            I'll get onto this asap and get you the top back as soon as I can - and have a bevvy or two.

            Cheers Man!


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              Cool man, pleased to help


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       any photos of your finished project, Rhino?


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                  Nawwww, good onyer Raggs... just realised it's you! See you out on the ramp. ;o)


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                    Hahaha...Asswipe! That's an odd name your mom chose to give you, man.
                    See you Sunday.


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                      Yeah I'll throw the build photos up in here later today.
                      My bag was nearly 15kgs and it hardly moved at all. Very stable.
                      A few of the guys on the trip wanted to know where I bought it cos they've never seen a bag rack for a Duc. I told 'em to look underneath


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                        Good one man, hope you had fun.
                        Show us the photos


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                          OK, here goes:

                          Cut some cardboard and threw it on the back to work out how big I wanted the rack:

                          Popped the cover off the rear cowl using a soldering iron and prising the two bits apart:

                          The cowl kindly donated by Moto Corse JP

                          Bit o' pressure

                          Bit o' heat

                          Measured it up and got the positioning right...

                          Chucked it on the bike and was happy with the weight balance and position, so off to Bunnings to find a suitable material for the rack around the same size.

                          Material found


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                            The chopping board was 50mm smaller in both directions, but pretty damn close. It looked like it was going to be perfect

                            Dropped the first hole and bolt in

                            And began spacing it out with washers to determine the angle I wanted (decided to go with 4 washers to set the initial angle)

                            Drilled out the rest of the holes (they were all over the place from the plastic welding

                            Then dropped it all on the drill press to get the rest of the holes drilled

                            I HUGE amount of time went into stacking washers to ensure the base either didn't flex, or flexed in the direction I wanted it to, to make it a tight fit once installed - the cowl normally has a bit of movement in it which I didn't want. I used washers and rubber grommets to pack it out.

                            Sunk the top so the bolts wouldn't stick out

                            large enough to get a socket in there

                            Threw the bag on to make sure I was happy with it all before I covered it

                            At this point I routed a couple of grooves out of the chopping board for the straps to go through - didn't get any photos of that ...
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                              Covered the chopping board with this plastic covering from Bunnings, and used a staple gun to fix it.

                              I was pretty stoked at how well it had come out

                              Cut holes out of the cover for the slots I'd routered into it and tested again with the bag and straps

                              Finished product

                              And still there

                              I had my other cowl in the bag so when we went for a blat, just pop the back rack off, put the cowl in, and that's it.

                              As I said, the bag was 15kgs. I had heaps of shit in there. More than enough clothes, a stereo, laptop, about 4 different chargers, some tools...

                              In the first leg, some movement was introduced (that I only noticed when I gave the rack a shake when we'd stopped) that really worried me, cos if it had started to move that much after 100km, what was it going to be like after 1400?

                              I still can't work out where the movement came from, the base couldn't flex, everything was locktited... it's got me buggered. But I was told that there was no noticeable movement while I was riding, so that was a relief.

                              When we got to Pinjarra, a mate of mine found a thong and we cut some of the strap to take up the slack that was introduced. Worked perfectly for the next 3 days!

                              Having this rack set up and being able to take that much gear made the trip much more enjoyable without a backpack.

                              Thanks heaps Rags. We'll catch up soon!
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