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900 Supersport gearshifting problems

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  • 900 Supersport gearshifting problems

    I just replaced a broken gear shifter centering spring (the shifter fell to the bottom of its stroke) and after re-fitting the gearchange mechanism I can only find first-neutral-second. The shifter refuses to reach the higher gears. I centered the pawl on the 6 pin change wheel as best I could without the "Special Tool" but even moving the mechanism full either way on the slotted mounting holes makes no difference. I have changed nothing else (I think).
    Can anyone advise me what might rectify the problem?

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    They aren't hard to set up without the special tool, I've had no problem doing it...

    It makes me think you may not has assembled it correctly...

    Double check everything...

    I know with mine it will make a difference if you try it at each end of the adjustment...