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Ducati 900SS - Reverse the rear head? 1990 or 1991

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  • Ducati 900SS - Reverse the rear head? 1990 or 1991

    Please settle a discussion I'm having with a mate.
    The rear head of the 900ss was reversed to allow the carbs to breath thru the same airbox.
    Which year did this change show on the 900ss 2 valve motor?

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    it was first done on the 86 750 Paso.
    I'd guess the 900 would have been soon after.

    edit. the 900SS came out in 90 it had it
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      I think the 750 F1 (and variants) was the last one to have the rear head "facing forward". Everything after that had the "backward" head. 1987 I think.
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        The late 80's SS had a downdraught webber so the head are "reversed" for that model.
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