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GT 1000 instrument panel

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  • GT 1000 instrument panel

    The instrument panel on my GT is in need of replacement due to a couple of broken bits. It works, but the casing lets water in which leads to extended periods on the side of the road waiting for it to dry out.
    I have searched the net for parts but nothing has come up except for a set in the U.S. (MPH). Does any body know of an instrument set for sale or if a set from another model might fit?

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    From what I can see they are very similar to the Monster gauges...


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      Thanks for the tip. I just looked at the monster guages on ebay and some do look exactly the same. I really only need the housing as the innards work fine when they're not full of water.
      Problem is, they are all around 500 to 700 $AU, and then I would still have difficulty with keying.
      I have seen a set in the U.S. that might come in a fair bit cheaper, though, so I'll keep my eye on it.


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        Might be worth talking to these guys Carmo Electronics, Australia never dealt with them however they are nice enough to be PSB sponsors.
        Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.