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2004 Brutale S Ignition Coils

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  • 2004 Brutale S Ignition Coils

    Hey all,

    Last week i decided to go do a routine spark plug change, well.. that turned into a massive mess. The ignition coils that were in the bike look like they have perished and are now stuffed, and in 2 pieces.

    Does anyone know of somewhere locally where I can get a new set of ignition coils? I have found some on the internet, but they are based in Europe. I also spoke to Rick Gills and they were less than helpful.


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    If you can identify the part number it could perhaps be chasing with one of the wholesale parts suppliers like conventrys or something.

    But I suspect they may be hard to get locally... :-\
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      Yea I have a feeling i will have to get them from europe. I would just like to do a sanity check before i go drop just shy of 800 bucks on coils that will take 3 weeks to get here


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        Find the part number plug it into Google see what happens. You can pretty much guarantee that small companies like MV Augusta don't go to Webber Marelli, Bosch, Sagem etc and get a special run of coils made just for them. They take what they can get from a left over production run or is common at the time it might be fitted to an obscure model of fiat Panda that was never sold here I'd have a bit more of a hunt around.
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