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Recommnendations required for a Ducati race engine build

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    Originally posted by slowpoke View Post
    To do that I'd basically be shipping 2 x engines, plus a set of empty crank cases, plus a big "fish bin" full of parts, so not really practical in this instance although I'd trust his skills implicitly.

    Plus I've spoken to him in the past and.....let's just say I won't be going back there. Don't get me wrong he's an amazing technician, very generous with his encyclopaedic Ducati knowledge, and probably a helluva nice guy in person, but after the communication I had with him online I'd rather make a complete fuck up of it myself than ask him another question or give him my business.


    Doesnt matter who who you use, the same scenario applies with the parts.

    My reply is/was based on experience with both Brad and Pro Twin.
    not just replying for post count........


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      Originally posted by slowpoke View Post
      Thanks for the inside scoop, hard to beat that sort of recommendation. As for the "just wait" you've pretty much echo'd what my good lady said when I started sookin' to her: if he's booked until June then that just reinforces that he's the right bloke.

      It's just frustrating. I committed to this build after a family member lost a battle with cancer, and hearing all the things they put on the back burner and never did for one reason or another. Forget wishing and dreaming, start doing. So building a decent old Duc to race at the Island Classic is what I'm trying to do. But such is life, there's plenty of other stuff to progress like the removeable frame spar to fit the one piece Corsa airbox, instrument holder to suit the Corsa intake (no front subframe), refurbish the scary Marzocchi M1R's seeing WA don't allow the USD Showa's that would have been kosher in NZ etc. Hmmm, it might just work out in the wash after all, lol.
      All good mate. Even when he was at Vee Two he had a back log of guys waiting to get engines built.

      Justin is a top bloke aswell and will look after you.

      Waiting just gives you time to get everything else sorted so the minute the motor
      Is ready you can get it in and be ready to roll.


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        Thanks Jules. You've had a lot more to do with Duc's (and stunning ones at that) around here than I have so I appreciate where you are coming from.


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          Doesn't a 996 engine fit into an 851????
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            Originally posted by rod View Post
            Doesn't a 996 engine fit into an 851????
            Yep, even an 1198 will bolt straight in.....but they might have to call for the paramdedics at HCMCWA when a few pacemakers go into overload.