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2016 Ducati 959 Panigale

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    Good old Ducati, experts at doing less with more.


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      Originally posted by slowpoke View Post
      From the bikepoint test:

      [I]"What Ducati has done with the 899 is take the angry, raw and intimidating 1199 and made it more usable for the everyday rider. You can really ring the 899’s and still feel as though you are riding it and not the other way around.

      Motorcycle riding is heavily influenced by confidence, and the 899 fills the rider with such self-assurance that I’m going to go out on the limb and say most riders would be able to ride the 899 faster and safer than they ever could the 1199."
      100% agree with the above statement, i have never ridden a 899 however in standard form the 1199 is a fucking animal and i found it hard to find my confidence in the bike. I eventually solve this problem and now have great confidence in the 1199 and my ability to push it on the track and confidence to ride it on the street in away that it isn't going to kill me.

      Every rider i talk to tell me how nice the 899 is to ride and how easy it is to ride fast out of the box, for myself even if the 899 was available when i bought the 1199 i think i would have still have gotten the 1199 purely base on the fact i wanted a bike that was an animal and challenges me to become a better rider


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        Originally posted by barfridge View Post
        hrmm, interesting.

        I guess this quashes the rumour of the 1299 being ditched in favour of a 1000cc v4.
        = yep domencali squashed that rumour, just like the time he said we wont ever make a 899 panigale as the block wasnt suited to a smaller capacity ................ Affs bloody caps lock!


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          Reduce it to 749cc and we might take Doocarti seriously.


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            The 899 is faster because it doesn't have a stupid, flimsy single sided swing arm flexing all over the place.

            *flamesuit ready*
            Originally posted by Desmo
            Why be a cunt about it?


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              no no no no.... the sssa isn't flimsy because they made it so heavy!

              that's why the 899 is so much lighter.
              The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.


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                Originally posted by 66 View Post
                no no no no.... the sssa isn't flimsy anymore because they made it so heavy!

                that's why the 899 is so much lighter.
                Still heaps of unsprung weight.
                Originally posted by Desmo
                Why be a cunt about it?


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                  I've always like the smaller Dukes, 748/848, and the 899 is a great bike aswell. Still think they should have called it an 898 though
                  just for the continuity. After all that is what it is...

                  899s have been praised in literature pretty much globally so it seems strange that Ducati would ditch it all together
                  and go for a 959. Sorry 955. Especially when you consider the 11/1299 is already there for those who want more.

                  Or are they going to build an 899R and make the 959 the street version like they did with the 1299/1199R???

                  Would be fantastic I'm sure but can't see it happening.... Happy to be proven wrong though....


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                    Originally posted by 66 View Post
                    First off... the 1098 is the same bike as the 1198, and the 1199 is the same as the 1299... if you're not counting minor updates of honda, yamaha, suzuki and the 4 year old ZX10R. S, R, Evo is purely catering for the market. Clever marketing, hardly anything more.

                    Hmmmm, are you seriously gonna argue that a 10% increase in capacity, with it's associated increases in power and torque are the same as a new paint job on the GSXR1000? Same goes for adding lightweight forged wheels, Data acquisition, traction control, ohlins suspension? I mean if they added that stuff to an R6 you wouldn't want it much would you? Haha, you'd be squealing like a girl if everybody else was allowed to race one against you on your stock R6. How about if we allow them active suspension? Or a bore and stroke change, complete with bigger valve heads, hotter cams, Ti conrods and lighter single mono subframe and alloy tank while you were stuck with your "base" R6? If you had to race against that lot I somehow doubt you'd see it as "clever marketing, nothing more". I guess the HP4 BMW is also just "clever marketing, nothing more" eh?

                    Sorry your arguments don't hold up, in the time Ducati has gone from 1098 through to 1299 many of the Japanese manufacturers have done virtually nothing.......yet you say Ducati lacks creativity?

                    As for that lap time...
                    You just put a supersport rider on a sbk and expected sbk lap times?
                    Haha. Yeah.. that's a legitimate and unbiased test. Don't beleive what the jurnos write, more power is faster... maybe harder to use, but always faster.

                    Jeezus, you like clutching at straws don'tcha? I don't hoover up and blindly accept journo opinions any more than you do but when several well respected journo's and publications are saying the same thing it kinda makes you think there may just be something in it. Well, it does if you have an open mind anyway. Mate, if an elite competitor in AMA Supersport can't make an 1199 faster around a certain track than an 899 what hope do you think 99.9999% of the general population (including you and me) have?

                    You might want to tell Jeremy McWilliams and Aprilia about HP always being faster too, they set pole at Phillip Island in 2002 despite giving away 40 hp. Or Yamaha who are giving Honda/and Ducati a wallopin' in MotoGP despite a distinct power deficit.

                    But I thought a racer of all people would understand the old $1 worth of concentration theory. You know, all riders only have $1 worth of concentration, so you have to manage that concentration wisely. Spend too much on managing the effects of 200hp and you have bugger all left to spend on everything else. Even with the TC nanny wagging that finger in your face it still holds true today.

                    You bought a ducati... you really worried about value? Tyre bills, servicing, insurance... yeah righto. Why not go smaller then? Making an 899 a 959 isn't going to make any of those cheaper anyway. So why do it?

                    An 899 is $20k, a 1299 is $28k, in anyone's language that's a shitload of cash, so value does come into it. Who's to say they aren't going to go smaller? Maybe they are repositioning the 899 further up the chain to make way for a true middleweight competitor, MV seem to be doing very well with the 675/800/1000 range. The 899 is already similar weight to a 600 IL4, so a 750 (699? 799?) Panigale might be on the horizon along with a return to the supersport ranks....

                    And my main picking point, if there is SUCH a desire for a middleweight bike, a 'i haven't quite found my big boy pants yet' stepping stone.... then why do peoe keep lapping up bigger and bigger middleweights from the Italian mob?

                    All manufacturers are looking for a niche, a sweet spot, a point of difference. Once you remove the artificial constraint of making a middleweight to suit a race class you can start to experiment with what works best in the real world instead of what works best around Misano. You could ask the same of almost any manufacturer about many different bikes. Why do GS BMW's get bigger, or VFR Honda's, etc etc.

                    Ducati has a habbit of naming their sports bikes based (very loosely) on their capacity. Seems they are just building bigger engines because they haven't figured out a new naming convention yet.
                    Eh? How is that any different to any other manufacturer? Or am I missing something? How to name a motorcycle 101: start with a random selection of letters, add an R to make it sound fasterer, insert approximate capacity and voila! Ducati are no different to any other manufacturer, apart from the fact they have figured out that capacity's are not defined by unbreakable rules written on stone tablets.

                    But hey, I get it, you don't like Ducati's.....trouble is your a good racer so you'll probably end up racing one at some stage!
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