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F4 RR vs Panigale?

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  • F4 RR vs Panigale?

    Hey guys, so after a sabbatical which has ended up being WAHEEEY too long, I'm finally getting back on two wheels before withdrawal symptoms make me get out of my car and nail someone between the eyes with an ash tray. Problem is I need to pick a steed. Potentially going to buy brand new just because I've never had a new car/bike/things.

    I went to an MV ride day but because I was late I ended up on a brutale dragster instead of the RR. Loved it surprisingly but just not my sort of bike. There's a degree of dressing up in tight leather that I need in my life that I can only justify on a supersports. Plus I did get to walk around the rr for a while and it's a work of art..

    Just wondering if anyone has one and what they're like to live with day to day? any qualms that you wish where in the brochure?

    Narrowed it down to the MV, some form of panigale, the S1K or a low km HP4 at the mo.

    But yeah any info on the panigale vs mv would be good

    Haven't found many reviews yet, (can anyone point me in the direction of some?) and I know the 2013 suffered with a snatchy throttle response - the sort of things I wouldn;t usually be pushing hard enough to notice on a test ride. Have had a couple years on a big twin so am leaning away from the ducs at the moment (But I do love em sayng that.. hmm...)
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    Also, don't discount the Aprillia - I picked up a new one a few weeks back and am loving it. Only downside is the Perth outlet for them.


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      Definitely take into consideration the dealers available if you're getting new...

      Being able to take my bike to Corse will definitely sway my decision towards an MV! (and the F4RR being the sexiest looking bike too)
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        I would definitely consult TurboR1 to get his thoughts on the MV.


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          Buy a poster of the MV and stick it on your wall, you'll get more satisfaction and less disappointment that way.
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            Panigale for sure
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              Originally posted by rgvlee View Post
              I would definitely consult TurboR1 to get his thoughts on the MV.
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                In terms of the practical stuff...

                Slinkiness: The Panigale is super slim and amazingly narrow compared to the F4. It makes the Panigale feel lighter and more flickable. More practically the Panigale will fit where other bikes fear to tread in heavy traffic. Pull the mirrors in on the fly and you are passing right between two Kenworths parked side by side at the lights.

                Poke: The Panigale's over square engine means it needs to be in high revolution to release all the poke. It can be quite lumpy down low and some people like me love that, others won't. Dropping a tooth on the front or gaining a few on the back will make the bike feel better in the urban environment. The engine's in those bikes are obviously very different and have different characteristics, and I'm not the type of person to say one is better than the other, but you may be the type of person who prefers smoothness over rawness or one the is more alive in the bottom range.

                Sperm: The Panigale runs at the temperature of the Sun's surface. Most of the time this isn't a problem but on days over 35 you will get burned by something. I ride everyday irrespective of weather and dread having to be stopped for too long on those 40 degree days. It is very much a race bike so cooling while stopped is not a priority on it. The Panigale has split radiators and only has an extractor fan on one so temperatures will climb fairly quickly when stationary. The shock mounting will scar your upper thigh and every pair of business pants you have. Having said that, I have had a healthy child since owning a Panigale from new in 2012 so sperm can survive on board a Panigale. But... I suspect they'd be happier on an F4.

                Water: I can't tell you how an F4 is in the wet but I can tell you that the Panigale is excellent. I can launch harder in the pouring rain on the 1199 than I could on any other bike. This may mean that you are closer to the limit but the bike is very good at mopping up your mistakes using the electronics.

                Despite all this if you wanted to take the easy way out, then I'd go for the HP-Sauce - I've never ridden one but it just looks so capable.
                If you want to take the challenging (in a good way) route then I'd say take the Panigale.
                But... if you want to have a bike with more exhaust pipes I'd perhaps over look the F4 and go for the F3 - I've only ridden one for 14 kilometers but what a bike! Loved it. I would urge you to at least test ride the F3.
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                  How big are you Jaw?

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                    I've ridden the F3 for an extended period of time (absolutely loved it) but not the F4. I'm sure if you are a serious buyer, Anthony at Corse Motorcycles would accommodate with a longer test ride than usual.
                    A big thing to consider is your dealer. Its easy to sell a bike, but to follow it up with support from your dealer is where the difference will be.
                    Everyone will have their own personal experiences and opinions both good and bad, Ride both, make your own mind up. They both are awesome machines.


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                      Is this a troll thread? An F4, seriously? Maybe 10 or more years ago, for the novelty.
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                        Originally posted by charlie66 View Post
                        ...A big thing to consider is your dealer. Its easy to sell a bike, but to follow it up with support from your dealer is where the difference will be...
                        This is exactly the reason I will never buy another new Ducati with the current importer/dealer networks.
                        Don't live life being scared of death, live in the fear of not truly living. RP 2012

                        I'm a BOM rider, that is, I need to check the Bureau of Meteorology before riding!


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                          I spent ages looking around at the different models, I'd agree with the comments about Anthony at Corse and I was pretty much ready to do a deal on an F4 pre test ride. Post test ride though and although the bike is nice to ride and very planted out of the box, I couldn't ride it for long as the pegs are just crazy short and the pillion hangers are too low so my feet (size 13 granted so probably not a problem for most) were not properly on the rider pegs and my heels were sitting on the pillion pegs.
                          I basically tossed a coin between a Panigale and R1M, all of the models from the major manufacturers are good and quite different in there own way with there own pros and cons, I never looked at the RSV4 purely for the dealer & servicing. Very happy with the Ducati.


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                            The 1199 Panigale is overall a shit bike at times, love/hate relationships TBH, mine is a 2012 model (base) with around 30,000km on it; Since owning it i have had the follow problem/issue
                            • Leaking rocket cover - warranty job took dealership 6 months, to replace the rocket cover due to casting imperfection during manufacture
                            • Leaking Coolant, gasket o-ring fucked up
                            • Indicator Issue - warranty issue; 1st time they replace my dash which took the dealership 3 months to get, second time was the proper fit which has a $15 harness upgrade/fix
                            • Quickshift fail - wiring harness issue; unknown issue with the wiring harness
                            • gear senor fail
                            • Front forks blowing out and losing all rebound and compression (common issue on base model forks)
                            • Random shit falling off
                            • Side Stand senors failed - warranty fix

                            The Biggest Issue is the complete lack of torque and power below 6000ish rpm, the bike is a complete pig which makes it shit on slow speed and just generally crap riding experience. Problem can be fix but it does required a full exhaust system and proper tune (so far from my personal experience the Akropovic and New Termi (front exiting design) are the only two to fix this issue). The bike drinks fuel, and can get fucking hot.

                            BUT i love it 4 years of ownership and it still puts a smile on my face every time i ride it, full exhaust and tune makes the bike a dream to ride at any speeds and with the wanky new throttle/torque mapping, up/down quickshift and launch control the bike does everything i could ask.

                            My only word of advice is IF buying a ducati brand new, Be aware that local dealership are less than helpful, find yourself a good ducati mechanic (i recommended Pro Twin) and it will save yourself alot of time and money.

                            FYI i rate HP4, its the only bike since owning the 1199 that i would seriously think of swapping too; it just does everything so well
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                              Bought a kwaka ,21 years old, done 30 000k's Since owning it , I have had the following problems.....

                              Surgeons did what they could, but it took seven hours just to get the smile off my face
                              ...and as I sailed through the air in slow motion , my life flashed before my eyes , and I found myself completely bored