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  • S/L Pani

    Just thought I'd share a baby Pani painted in S/L colours.

    Think Dukes look great in YELLOW in the 748, 916, 749 , 999,
    90's 900ss series but have to admit the Panis don't do much for me.
    This ones an exception I think, nice job.

    And the original S/L

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    I will have the bike in photo 3 thanks


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      Originally posted by keys View Post
      I will have the bike in photo 3 thanks
      Haha, yeh I'm with ya (they even look alright in silver ), but thought they'd done a decent job.
      They even had a go at replicating the 2 piece Marvics,
      with paint of course.


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        It would look nicer if they copied the OEM stickers, to me they make it look cheap.
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          Ferrari Firefly Yellow
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            Interestingly they carried the colouring of the two piece wheels across onto one piece wheels. I probably would taken the colour scheme of the 1996!
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