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  • Ducati 749

    Hey all

    I have calling Frasers today enquiring about a new 749 to purchase. I was told Ducati aren't making 749 new anymore! dam.

    2 Questions??

    1) Does anybody now of any good 2nd 749's for sale?

    2) What does a service cost on one? Is it really exspensive just cause it's a Ducati?

    I have been thinkin bout other bikes like gixxer 750, r6 and cbr rr 600. But I've always had a soft spot for ducs. Triupmh 675 a maybe too??

    Hmmmm.....what to do, any info would be greatly appreciated all
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    749 is no more, old news bubba....

    I do know of a good 2nd hand 749R which he mighty be keen on
    selling but wont be cheap.

    Service cost depends on where you take it.

    Main dealers think charge $100 per hour labour plus parts.
    There are other places with better rates, Pro Twin is one of them.

    Test ride the others, see what you think.


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      Jules is that 749R in Perth?

      There's a few 749's on and

      848 comes out soon!
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        Yep 749r is in Perth....


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          This one was at one of the causeway shops about 2 months ago. Might still be there

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            there one for sale in the sunday times , been in 3 weeks now


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              Wait for the 848 next year cheaper servicing than the 749 12k service intervals and will look like the 1098


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                not mine I might add. not for sale. better than cheapo 1098 and 848. now a 675.....that's a good idea. oops i have one of those as well

                move on
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                  wayne patto in bunbury has a very nice 749, but its had alot spent on it, low kays and a price to match