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New 08 Cagiva Mito SP125

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  • New 08 Cagiva Mito SP125

    egad looks like a Desmosideci!, I must say both the RS and Mito are pretty hot for a little ringer dinger
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    125 or 500?
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      meh. just a 525SP with lights. a real sp doesnt have lights and is road only with about 42hp if i'm correct. and they weigh a shit load less.
      Not a fan. i like the 916 look, but i also like the 525 look, but a 525 with headlights aint doin it for me.
      R&R also talk about electronic carby shit to meet euro 3 so we know this thing is gunna be even more choked up and heavier. prolly only meets euro 3 in restricted form of 12hp.
      i wonder if the intake scoop even hooks up to the airbox?? prolly not. oh and there bike will be built in India since the cagiva factory in italy out sourced all its work.

      /mito rant


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        I believe MV are working on a new MV powered MV badged 500+ single sports bike !


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          and an MV 675 be unveiled during the next week!


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            guys the 525SP is actually a 125cc bike. it was launched 2 yrs ago and is the updated version of the mito SP, which is race only.
            the exhaust on the black and silver bikes is def a 125


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              hmm, im dissapointed, as bertie said the sp looked good but this is a bit of an abortion.. plus R&R isnt the most trust worthy site..


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                The red one looks a bit like the old 500cc GP bike at the front.
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