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  • 749 rear stand

    Hi, anyone know where to get a duke 749 rear stand at a reasonable price?

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    What do you call a reasonable price?

    Is it a single sided swingarm? or a std swingarm. If its a Std swingarm, head down to any motorcycle store and they should have one.

    I know Total Motorcycle Accessories in East Vic park normally have some for about $145.... or you could head to Motorcycle Pit Stop on Angove St, and they'll probably have some for a similar price....

    Good Luck
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      That would be me

      Less fibre, more rear stand...

      Go buy one, tight arse :p


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        Cheers mate for lending me yours, was a huge help!!! I dont mind paying good money for stuff, but its just a bent pipe with some wheels, and i do want one that fits my bike properly. Yours is great, will try and find a ds stand. Thanx


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          Got mine from Motorcycle Pitstop, just over $200 if I remember rightly.
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