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Frasers shutting down

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  • Frasers shutting down

    A bit of a surprised Frasers is shutting down ops in WA

    Corse with Ant in Maylands has picked up the Ducati dealership

    its a bit of a sell out in the store but not much left for Ducati gear.
    Plenty of Harley stuff

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    Corse Motorcycles would suit a Ducati dealership. An enthusiastic specialist looking after enthusiasts.

    I'll wait until that other place is dead and buried before I relate my wonderful time with that bunch of err... grapes.

    At the time, there was no Corse and Patterson's in Bunbury came to the rescue. Didn't know me from a bar of soap and totally looked after me and my bike.
    The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe.


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      Frasers have been copping a bashing lately, which they deserved. Not exactly over the moon with the Corse/Clean Ride/DOCWA family taking over.

      A breath of fresh air would have been sweet.

      Still, there's always Wayne Patterson/Bunbury Ducati if a new Ducati is on the agenda.


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        good times


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          Drove past today, all gone all empty. Still for lease. Anybody know what happened ?


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            They shut up and pissed off still over east I presume...guess there wasnt the demand like there used to be....bit like a lot of bike shops.
            Smoke me a kipper...I'll be home in time for breakfast


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              Sad to see.. Why are so many shops closing? Don't new bikes need servicing? Can't be all down to people buying stuff online.