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  • First ride D16RR

    well chaps, what a machine. I still can't wipe the smile from my dial. a short report..........

    Turn the key and fire her into life, oh my what a cacophony from the motor. Even more than an old MV. The standard pipes are far too quiet but there is a growl inside just waiting to get out. Snick her into first and feed the slipper clutch out, a bit grabby but typical for a ducati slipper. she hooks up and is quite docile until she sees ~5000. in fact she is very linear.

    Suspension is firm and the brakes feel the same as the 1098. There is no boot in the backside like the 1098 but the gathering of pace could be considered frenetic. Seating position is civilised for a race replica. quite comfy really but certainly harder than the 749R. maybe it's just set up firm from the factory. 173cm/75kg is a perfect fit.

    If I thought the 749R was hot to ride, think again. even less air flow between the legs (= more aerodynamic). Handling was neutral and quite flickable, didn't have the knife edge feel of the 749R set on steep but great just the same. Strangely enough I quite liked it around the city streets as the fuelling was pretty good. A bit choppy at 80km/h in 5th but did it without protest.

    I still like the white face tacho over the LCD. Old eyes can't see it at a glance. vibration was significant in Ducati terms just coz it was high frequency unlike the twins. not bad but more present than my super smooth 749. slipper clutch felt great and did it's job well. better than the one i took off my 749 (standard on the R).

    This is no snarly beast in the slightest. Just a wonderful machine that deserves to have the race pipe fitted and the rider indulge his/her senses with one of the most desirable machines ever built.

    Now where's my bank manager...........A huge thank you to the owner.

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    Nicely done q.

    Not often a ride on a $100,000+ machine is available


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      nice writeup oldfella....
      so.. ya gunna get one?


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          Nice write up, just curious how tall are you? Cos it looks like your quite stretched touching the ground there so Im guessing she's a fairly tall bike?
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            nice write up. will be as close as ill ever get heh


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              Awesome Neil...


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                *Bump!* I'd have one of these over a 1098R.
                Click here to see my Ducati 999R in the PSB garage... You'll love it!

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                  you are one lucky bugger. Thanks for the little write up


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                    Originally posted by rod View Post
                    *Bump!* I'd have one of these over a 1098R.
                    I'm afraid I wouldn't. Not the soul of the 1098R