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How much wear is allowed on ducati clutch friction plate tabs

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  • How much wear is allowed on ducati clutch friction plate tabs

    Hi guys,
    I noticed my friction plates on my ducati monster 900 are showing wear on the drive tabs, which locate inside the clutch basket. How much wear can you have on it before you have to replace them? And is it hard to do yourself? Any special tools...etc..thanks

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    How much noise can your ears handle??

    Think there is a minimum spec for the tab thickness.

    Easy job to change clutch plates, no special tools required.
    Take stack out, put back in in SAME order....

    If the tabs are very badly worn you could also be up for a basket as the finger
    guides might be badly serrated, this will cause a new clutch pack to be grabby.

    Drop it in to Pro Twin get them to have a look and quote the job.

    That way you can find out if you need a new basket etc etc etc....


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      Post some pics of your basket and tabs mate, I'll tell you how bad they are.
      As Jules said, the more worn they are, the louder it will be


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        From a 996 manual "the clearance must not exceed 0.6mm/0.023in." I had one with about 6mm clearance and you could really hear it banging as it idled - still worked alright but.


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          Still works fine.
          Unless it's a stupid amount, I'd just leave it until you need a need clutch.


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            Last time I heard it Sully , it sounded fine.

            There are two questions in life.
            1:Which way do I go
            2:Whats the lap record.


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              wear on it approx 2mm off the tabs, basket still looks good no visible signs of damage.My duke makes a shit load of noise anyhow due to having a open clutch peoples faces when they here me rattlin down the street. they first thoughts are WTF is Dat??? LOL