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Bling for the Ducs & other Italian creations of 2 wheels

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  • Bling for the Ducs & other Italian creations of 2 wheels

    So Much knowledge and expirience here on this forum!
    Would like to be helped in Ruddies Recovery Plan and spend some serious obsene $$ on BLING for me chaffy Itaian HYHO.
    So please do post links and recomendations .
    First of all I want moar noice from the clutch,
    (RUMORE DELLA FRIZIONE ) so an open Carbon Neutral, CRUDDY APROVED, G String is NEEDED!
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    This for a 900SS Bert?
    What year?

    EDIT:Speedymoto do some nice covers,

    and some nice pressure plates.


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      yes Jimbo tizz a 1998 900SS injected version.

      Will post/,make betta pics when the sun comes up.
      Those covers are what I izz after, thank you.

      p.s. next time take the washing of the line when I fly ovver yer place yer house bitch hehe


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        One of the newer shaped ones.
        Very nice.


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          yes Jim new shaped fairing and fuel injection
          (no more Keihin flatties conversions etc)but still the same old skool engine , with inline oil lines, and better brakes, forks, damper etc.
          it looked like a brand new bike and could not go past it, me baddd!

          Who ever owned it must have taken extreme care with it and this sort of tell tale details are what swayed me to buy it.
          I have been looking for nearly 18 mnds and never seen one like this.
          Besides I know sweet fanny all about Ducati's compared to some on here!
          bear in mind that I am not always available to inspect and when a good one comes on the market it never lasts long.
          A beautifull one was in ellenbrook (did not see it) and also in Bunboo's, but I was to late to grap either of them and missed out.
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            Looks sweet. It would be interesting to compare the FI to the flatslide carbies.

            I know my bike felt like it picked up alot of power but the distance per litre also increased alot. My bike does 60mpg on a regular basis at highway + speeds.
            I guess its all about efficiency, I'm not that convinced FI is the answer.
            I bet your bike starts easier than mine though.


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              ummmmmm damn thats a hot bike


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                Is there a rear cowl for these?
                Like on the 1997 900SS bikes.
                And where does one buy one, please?
                Need AGIP- as well as Marelli stickers.
                adds 222KM/H instantly!
                A #27 Stoner australian flag designed sticker would be sweet as well
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                  ducati decals

                  Exhaust decals


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                    Fark, nice pick up Bert.

                    That's the bike that made me want to get my license when I was a nipper.


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                      re:seat cowl.

                      Hello Leakyj,

                      Yep I have one from Desmoworld. Expensive for what it is, but looks cool. Have a look at the 900SS pickie in my gallery.

                      The fibreglass cover comes prepainted, and comes with a new seat locating lock plate since the seat is moved forward about 3-4mm in order to accomodate the cover thickness. Cover slips over the seat from the rear. Decent job.

                      Hard to follow, translate not working but this is one:

                      :: desmoworld :: » Start » S » Sitzbankabdeckung » SA.37.0SSIE

                      I like this model congrats on a good one.


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                        Admittedly I've only brought a couple of Items off them but found these guys to be pretty good to deal with and they usually have some different stuff.
                        Ducati Aprilia Kmna - Tuning-Parts Catalog

                        In typical Teutonic manner if you e-mail them in english they are usually more than capable of answering any questions you may have.
                        Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.


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                          DUCATI 999S R.I.P.


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                            Motowheels-Motorcycle Performance Products for Ducati, MV Agusta, Aprilia, KTM - Rancho Cordova - Sacramento
                            DUCATI 999S R.I.P.


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                              well no pics as it is back to the dealer on the tow truck!
                              Ducatitis has struck yet again and nearly killed me.