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Couple of cheep superlights..

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  • Couple of cheep superlights..

    In NZ the first one has high K's but hey $5500au. I'm down there on thursday so if your interested, I'll take a look. Hell at that price I might even buy it.

    Ducati Superlight 1995 for sale - - New Zealand


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    I need to get bigger shed first....


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      Do you mean import them to Oz or do you live in N.Z. ?


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        Just saw your Psb name !!


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          Yeh I'm a Kiwi livin here ( thats different )

          If someone was interested in buying one of these I'm going down there for a week tomorrow, and would be quite happy to eyeball it.

          Wouldn't cost much to ship it back over here.

          Anyhow the offers there.


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            Please, call me Flash...


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              how would you ge registering a kiwi bike here


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                Not as simple as I first thought, even if I own the bike still a big drama. Don't know why it has to be that hard.

                Maybe just buy one and leave it down there, something to ride around.

                This was on another forum.......

                i brought my fatboy with me when i came over in 2000

                i'd bought it new in 1992 from official nz agent, shaft motorcycles in auckland, they were supplied by morgan and whacker, who were the south pacific distributers, so it met all ADRs

                it was completely stock and i had a letter from the manager of shaft saying so

                it took 6 months of paperwork, had to be complianced and the government took 10% of it's street value in brisbane in gst

                I'D NEVER DO IT AGAIN, IT WAS HEARTBREAKING AT TIMES (especially when grace [kunts] removals "lost" it for a couple of weeks)


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                  I've been told that the import cut off is 1989. You can register them here much easier.