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Honda 250X electrical problems

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  • Honda 250X electrical problems

    Hoping someone can help me out with this problem.
    My 250X Starting having problems while riding, first off the main fuse blew.
    upon replacing it the bike would run fine but all the relays on the bike would chatter. The bike then died completly, now there is no spark at all.

    A few tests later i determined that the stator was not putting out any voltage.

    Yesterday i replaced the stator with a new one, but still nothing.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    Check your earth points?


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      More likely to be intermittent shorts. Possibly insulation breaking down or parts of the wiring harness getting trapped somewhere. A good candidate is the yoke stops and the front of the loom.
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        I have read of Honda XR400's doing wierd things with lights, etc and the problem is usually the regulator/ rectifier. Chattering relays to me indicate a bad earth. How old is the battery? My 450X ran perfect with a stuffed battery but batteries have been known to cause problems like yours. Blown fuses mean a current overload on that circuit so as suggested, have a look around the head stem area for crimped wires. The ADR wiring is pretty dodgy on these bikes. Good luck.

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          Is the bike powered by the charging system, or is there a battery?
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            there is a battery

            sounds like a short to me
            trace the wiring
            there really isnt that much