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First Off Road Experience for Junior

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  • First Off Road Experience for Junior

    We had a great day today. My Son was invited to a Birthday Party with a difference. Everyone was asked to bring their bike for a bash at a place near Bindoon (Flat Rocks Road, for those in the know). 6 Hours of fun, and though I don't have a Dirty of my own, I had a ball as the dad of the birthday boy lent me his Can Am 450 Quat.....and I had to steal junors RM 125 for a while. I think it is time to add one to my collection.
    Lots of the boys had these Chinese Pit Bikes, and 5 out of 6 broke down with flat tyres due to ripped off Valves. Our old 82 RM didn't miss a beat.
    On the way home he, riding around the block sucks!.........can't blame him.
    I think I discovered a new passion
    Love the legend, Kawasaki Z 900/ Z 1000, the Mother of all Big Kawas!
    2007 ZRX 1200R
    1977 Z 1000 A1

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    well you live in a good spot for it, close to some pretty decent riding.


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      Awesome to hear mate, good to see a young lad getting stuck into dirtbikes with some mates.


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        Gone are the days of riding in near by bushland or forests. With all the land being built on there's nowhere left but the roads now unless your on a property.

        In my teens most of the latter part of the school day was about planning our afternoon rides. I lived in the ACT during that time and the railway service lines and fire trails would get you to any of the huge forests surrounding the area while barely riding on the road. The only restraint was fuel range and darkness kicking in.

        As i finished high school there were houses and fence lines going up everywhere, blocking all our tracks, (forcing?) us to use cutters but the end was inevitable.

        Ranting and reminiscing i guess

        Judging by your name cruelcheffy your a chef also. Maybe you didnt do your homework like me?
        Lost and on reserve