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Yz400 very noob question!!

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  • Yz400 very noob question!!

    Been trying to do a google search but can't find anything on the gearbox oil spec for this bike?

    It's a 98-99 yz400f anyone know what oil to put and where from? Cheers.

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    i used Shell Advance semi synthetic in all 3 yzf's i owned then switched to motul 5100 for all my crf's . one of our local pro riders ran caltex oil , just use the best quality you can afford and change it as often as you can afford , most oil companies make a good range of 4stroke engine oils , p.s dont believe the hype that some bikes only use certain oils because its only a sales pitch


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      So the engine oil is the gearbox oil? Or am I reading this wrong?


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        Yep, engine oil also is the g/box oil. I use yamalube in my YZ450. But any good oil will do the job


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          only the crf's ( could be wrong ) run seperate oils how ever most run the same oil in both engine and gearbox


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            I run Motul 5100 in my 03 WR450, have used Shell Advance in other previous bikes and even Castrol's equivalent without issues.

            Change it often, along with the filter as yes they are shared engine and gbox.

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