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  • Gassy Dash

    So it's coming up once again (starts next friday). I've got a new bike (YFZ450R) and am keen to finish the bloody thing.

    This year the Dash is a revised course due to unfortunate circumstances at Australasian Safari, with the track being two loops of about 200kms each over two days with all the racing being around Gascoyne Junction and very little of the river run.

    Just wondering if anyone else was heading up?

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    Good luck man!

    Hard work that race and a real achievement if you finish it unscathed. Pity about the river run being reduced , but better for rider/driver safety I guess.
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      I'm not racing but I might see you there JimmyO, depending on how much work I have on.


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          just got the bike prettied up today with a set of custom stickers. pick her up tomorrow and hit the road.


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            Wow, I'd never heard of this race.. would be great to spectate at least. It sounds intense! Good luck anyway mate, are you doing it solo?


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              yeah its a solo race. i'm in a race team with a few of my mates but thats more for sharing support crew at pit stops.

              i'm really looking forward to it this year. skidz make sure you come and have a look at the bikes and cars at the civic centre on thursday at least. there will be some impressive machinery on display


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                i've driven some of the track, and it was pretty harsh just cruising in a hilux, let alone doing race speeds. there was some interesting drop-offs in the lyins ruver crossing just out the back of the gas compressor station, wouldn't want to be caught by surprise with them. good luck.
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                  I'm looking to take part in the dash this year, started training in the gym to get fitness up, what bike would you recommend? thinking a 450.
                  Now a Pom in Perth :aus-salute: with a DB7


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                    Plenty of people race 250's, depends on your fitness and skill level. Very tough race indeed, to finish first, first you must finish.


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                      ride whatever you are comfortable on. i would recommend getting the bike you are going to race as soon as possible and get plenty of seat time. the track is generally long straights with rocky or sandy tight sections in between.

                      when i did it this year i had very little seat time prior to the race and was completely knackered after day one. when you are tired the trick is to slow down a touch and just make sure you finish


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                        Nice, its a good week away up on the edge of the desert.

                        I used to pit crew for the OBR cars a few years back just doing the basics.

                        Luck on your ride its a tough race.
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