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Changing KTM Graphics

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  • Changing KTM Graphics

    How do you put graphics on a ktm with pre installed graphics?

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    Peel the old ones off, clean off the residue, stick the new ones on.
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      You should either remove the existing ones (graphics are stickers, so with care can be removed), or alternatively if the new graphics are large enough, and you want to potentially remove the new ones to go back to OEM, just fit them directly over the top.

      Generally most graphics on offroad bikes are a special kind of decal which has very high adhesion, and likely to be destroyed if you try and remove them.
      • Apply low heat to soften the adhesive, and allow you to remove the sticker (do this very slowly so that it comes off in 1 piece and doesn't damage the plastics.).
      • Remove any residual adhesive with your choice of goo remover (Iso-propyl Alcohol, citrus based cleaner, tea trea oil, eucalyptus oil etc).
      • Once all residue is removed, clean the surface with a product that doesn't leave a residue (Iso-propyl Alcohol).
      • locate where you want the decal to go.
      • Partially remove the backing paper and stick down the first edge. If its a large sticker, or on a curved surface, work from the centre outwards.
      • ensuring to slowly and evenly work your way across the decal, apply pressure (use a squeegee/plastic card), and continue to slowly remove the backing sheet.
      • once its all fitted, apply low heat and additional pressure across the sticker to ensure adhesion activation.
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        If they're the original shrouds there's a good chance the graphic is printed into the plastic, you can't remove it.


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          Depends what year/model my 08 sxf was a sticker and it just peeled off easy as leaving only a tiny bit of residue
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            New ones (2012+) are embedded in the plastics -they cannot be removed.

            The best bet would be to go and buy a Polisport plastics kit (cheaper than OEM and decent quality)- about $150 or so from memory, will give you a new, shiny and blank orange, black or white surface to put the stickers on.