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2019 Peak Charles Run

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  • 2019 Peak Charles Run

    Just putting this up there for the few that this may interest.

    July 27th – 28th

    When: Leave Saturday, Return Sunday

    Time: 9.00 a.m. Saturday departure.

    Leaving From: Ravensthorpe Enduro Club pit area. Floater Rd. (Vehicle’s can be left safely at the Enduro Club).

    Going To: Peak Charles approx 145km's NE of Ravensthorpe using the historic 'Dunn's Track' aka 'Hewbey & May' an old track used to service the goldfields from Albany via Cocanarup. Track is a pretty easy ride with some sections burnt out with puncture risk to bikes.
    We will be using this track and other tracks past the Pyramid Lakes. Arriving back at Ravensthorpe Enduro Club from 12pm Sunday. Hot showers available.

    The Camp: The Peak is well known for its climbing faces and its view's.
    Although you probably won’t feel like climbing it!
    The camp is on the East side and shaded by the rock in the afternoons. There is a long drop and well set up camping area.
    Remember - Peak Charles is a National Park.

    Camping: Camping is BYO everything although buddy up to save doubling up. We will have a BBQ set up. Bring your swag. You will need tea for Saturday night, breakfast/snacks Sunday and if need we can fire up the BBQ back at the track.

    Support Vehicles:
    Anyone else interested in following the riders are more than welcome to come along. There are some great things to see out there. The riders will be going at their own pace and will regroup with the vehicles 3 or 4 times. The more bikes involved the more support vehicles we will need.

    Riders & Bikes

    All Off-road vehicles accepted. This is a social ride not a competition. Quads and Buggies are encouraged to come along.
    Full riding gear as normal, MUST have MX boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, sturdy pants & long sleeve shirt as minimum.

    Camelback (Will have water on the Fuel Ute’s for refills)
    All riders MUST have their own tools and spares to work on their own bikes. Spare tube (21”), tools, pump and repair kit is the bare minimum! ***BIKES MUST BE RELIABLE!!!
    Tall gearing on bikes Recommended
    Basic first aid kit, snacks.
    It has been a freezing ride a couple of times so bring riding jackets.
    Fuel – for approx 350km's (2 full jerry cans) and all the maintenance gear required for a two-day ride.
    If you have water container fill it and bring it.

    Entry Fee on the day: $50 for Riders (includes Lunch on the Saturday)
    *Note* $20 each for support crew

    Troy 0439955390 Noise 0439351282 Corner-man system

    This is used to keep a ride flowing and minimize the number of stops on a ride. On a ride there is a Ride Leader and a Sweep Rider (last). This system works by the ride leader instructing the rider behind him to stop at the corner they have just come to and direct all the following riders as to which way to go. This rider stays marking the corner until the sweep rider approaches and signals that alls o.k. Now the corner-man becomes the 2nd last rider and a new corner-man will be asked to mark the next corner and so on. As a double check (& if the corner man can count!) Count all the riders going past minus two (Lead & Corner man) so that everyone is accounted for at all turns REMEMBER!! DON’T ROOST THE CORNER-MAN!! (UNLESS HE ROOSTED YOU!)

    $2 club fine system will be in place ($2 an off!) so bring your nuggets!

    Please drop us an email if you intend to come so we can cater for lunches and support vehicles and also let us know if you group may be using your own support vehicle. [email protected]