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GT250R Neutral Issue

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    I have had no probs with mine. I just let the clutch out slightly before selecting neutral. It's the same as on most other bikes where it wont change if the clutch is hard in...

    I usually stop, then clutch out slightly and go to neutral.

    Haven't had any issues getting into neutral, or it popping out of neutral...


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      Originally posted by Plaido View Post
      I have a 2010 and I have the opposite problem, mine sometimes sticks in nutural when changing from 1st to 2nd and vise versa.. Bit of a pain in the ass when taking off...
      yeah ive had that , i think i figured it out though. just gota keep the revs high in first then really kick it high into second. pain in the ass, especially when a cars up your ass.
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        Originally posted by 98kellrs View Post
        You're probably gripping too hard, or tensing up whilst riding. Keep your arms bent and loose (do the chicken dance while you ride) and don't grip so hard. It's your legs gripping the tank which should keep you planted on the bike not your hands.
        This. Legs, stomach and feet hold you on the bike in preference to hands.

        Hands are for steering input - if you're tensed up the bike won't want to turn, and if you hit a bump and are trying to hold on with your hands, you put pressure on the bars and make things worse.

        As little pressure as possible on the bars.... your numb hands will then go away.
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          Originally posted by wcefan View Post
          Hi Guys,

          I've recently just purchases a Hyosung GT250R (2006 Model) and I am having issues getting the damn thing into neutral.

          For example: when I'm stopped and in 1st, I try to kick up into neutral, but goes straight to 2nd or it gets stuck and cannot change up at all. Only way i've been able to get it into neutral is at stand still in 2nd, lightly kick down on gear and sometimes it will go into neutral. < But not all the time.

          Has any one else on this model experienced this? or knows why this would be happening.

          i have this aswell
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            any way you can attach the article due to me having the same problem


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              There’s an article? In this 10 year old thread....