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  • Racking up some experience

    Hey guys,

    Ok so I've gone about this a bit backwards, I'll head over to the welcome thread and say hi in a minute.

    I've recently bought myself a 250 cruiser as an upgrade from a scooter (don't laugh) and I'm in need of someone or a group to go on a ride with over the next couple of weeks before I take my test.

    I've had a couple of lessons and I'm familiar enough with the bike not to be a liability on the road.

    Anyone organising any rides or is anyone able to head out with me early mornings or late afternoon/early evening. I'm in North Fremantle.

    Anything goes really, happy to just go for a blast up the coast and grab coffee/breakfast.

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    Check out the 'in the loop' section mate, weekly n00b ride run by stoneville - clicky


    Here is a list of people that are willing to shadow, im sure if you lured them in with beer or free food you would find a willing shadow - click
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      im partial to fuel and food
      Vote 1 Shooters and Fishers party.