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Looking for Instructor for R-E Training. PM me.

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  • Looking for Instructor for R-E Training. PM me.

    Hi Instructors,

    I apologies if this is not the right forum and I am cheating a bit
    From the comprehensive list from Stoneville, if you are monitoring this thread, I would like to get some training for RE license.

    I have no bike, no gear, no nothing, only L permit just last week. Understand that some have bikes but not sure about gear. Please PM me and we can go from there.

    Thanks in advance.

    My location is Madeley.


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    You don't actually need any gear for most instructors. Most of them will have helmets available to loan you. Just show up in jeans, covered shoes.
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      most just require jeans/long pants, long sleeve top and covered shoes. My instructor suplied a helmet and the bike.

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        What the guys above said
        Also - rather than wait for them to contact you (as chances are - they won't!), give them a call on the numbers they have listed.
        Probably a good idea to call the ones around the area you live and want to do your test in.
        As soon as you have your first lesson I guarantee you'll be hooked!
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          Looking for Instructor for R-E Training. PM me.

          Thanks for the replies guys. Thought this would be the case on instructors not replying

          I have made a few calls and pretty much all set.

          Also, thanks for confirming about the gear. I am not 100% hooked yet but I am sure once I am on the road... oh dear.. more spending to come. ;(

          Have a good upcoming weekend.


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            Woohoo R license soon......... Cant wait for a new bike.
            Now just need some lessons for my R.s


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              Give Perth Motorbike School (forum sponsor) a buzz or send Sikpuppy or Dragsta a PM