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  • VTR 250 - Suspension

    The wife had her VTR 250 Supsension set up for her last week.

    Went to York and back yesterday.

    Eliminated plush front end wallowing, and steering is more direct (set the sag for rear).

    Transformed the bike.

    Many thanks to Marty.
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    I got mine done a couple of months ago by Marty, think i forgot to post bad

    makes the bike ten million percent safter to corner, i was having some terrible skipping of the back tire when i was just changing lanes at speed (went one lane too many and scared the mcshit outta myself)

    For those pondering about doing it, just do it!


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      Agree Gimpy.

      Setting the front and rear ride height to suit the rider makes a major difference to bike handling. (Sounds obvious, but until a new rider experiences before and after, it is hard to know what you are missing).
      Also, front shock oil volume and viscosity make a big difference controlling the front wheel over bumps.
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        Hi JAE, what did you have done exactly and who is this mysterious Marty ?
        I've got a VTR 250 2009 and the front suspension is diabolical on a bumpy road, also front end wallowing as you described. An experienced PSB mate had a look and said there was nothing to be done except perhaps change the oil in the front, so any advice appreciated.



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          He is Marty Moose - psb member
          Set up front sag - has to machine a spacer.
          Change oil viscosity.
          Change oil volume - air gap above oil.
          Search for him and send PM - very good pricing.
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