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  • Hyo gear changes

    Good people of PSB,

    Lately I've been noticing when i take a LH corner with a bit of pace, my Hyo has been playing up. It felt like the clutch was slipping and the revs would drop. I talked to a friend about it and he thought I might be feathering the clutch into the turn and then throttling on with the clutch still partially engaged. So on the way home from work today I took a left hander a little faster than normal with my fingers not covering the clutch and no pressure being put on the gear lever, and it turns out that the bike is going from 2nd to 3rd mid corner/mid lean.

    Other than it being a Hyosung, can anyone think of what the problem may be?

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    going from 2nd to 3rd?

    Is your shift touching the ground...?


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      Nope, I'm not even nicking a peg. I thought it may be my boot kicking it up when that scrapes coz I have my foot resting under the lever, but there was absolutely no pressure on the lever itself when I took the corner. It sounds stupid, but it almost feels like the bike "drops" into gear...