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  • Booking R-class test

    So I go to City West Licensing Centre to book my R-class test today...

    They told me I needed to pay for a learner's permit, even tho I could do lessons/get shadowed perfectly legally on a big bike with an appropriate buddy.

    Ok... fair enough.

    Then they tell me I can't APPLY for an R-class learner's OR book a test until my year of holding an R-E license in completed in entireity.

    So essentially, I wait the four days (which lands on Easter) before I can even BOOK my test.

    Not that I'm in a huge rush, but that doesn't seem to make any blimmin' sense to me. Don't see why I can't just book a test for next week, my year would be up, and I could be out test-riding. Instead have to go back next week, wait in line again, just to pay for a learner's permit and book a test.


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    There have been a couple of recent threads about this, the system is obviously a joke and nobody in DOT understands it.

    My 12 months is up in June, paid for my "permit" last week (it is in reality a test fee, as you say you don't need a learner's permit)

    The girl had to ask several people how to process it (because my 12 months isn't up) but eventually did. So you were misinformed. Shame we can't charge these simple servants for wasted time isn't it...


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      Sorry to hear you have wasted your time, stupid bint, of course you can book your test now, you could have done it weeks ago. There are a few riders that have their tests booked for 3 or 4 weeks away.

      I'd go back in there and not leave to till you get what you want. Dwayne from Down Under Riding School (usually parked outside if he's not doing a lesson), might even help you make them see they are being idiots.


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        Drey, also good luck with getting a test next week.

        You might be lucky and score a cancellation but I doubt it. There has been a huge shortage in available assessment dates and it has been gradually getting worse over the past few months. We currently have a few people on our books that we just cant get tests for. When we do get them there isnt many to choose from. As of last week there was no available tests at Willagee, Kelmscott, Midland and Welshpool. I think the missus is going to try again today but I don't like your chances.


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          Wow. I went and tried to book mine today, wasn't able to as they said that they had not released any new ones as of late and all current ones were booked. No mention of not being able to book one notwithstanding that my 12 months are not up until May sometime.


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            Grunt booked me in for mid June at Kelmscott yesterday apparently


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              Good luck dude!


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                Good luck with your test Tim


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                  Cheers guys I pickup the SV in the morning so will get as much practice as I can (whn I can get shadows)


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                    Happened to me just last week, rocked up at licensing center and waited at the dreary long line. Finally got called up and then rejected because I can't get my L's until my one year. Doesn't bother me much because my one year is in 8 days, but it was just really inconvenient.

                    Good luck for your test as well!


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                      Im doing my test tomorrow morning, and of course there's a good chance its gonna rain and possibly a thunderstorm! YAY

                      I had no problems booking a test/getting my R class L's. Im doing mine in joondalup so maybe they're a bit more organised there or somethin? lol


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                        Good luck CBRay. Doing mine next Friday @ City West.


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                          I passed! Fuck yea!

                          It wasnt without drama though, I got absolutely soaked in the lesson before hand. And Dave my instructor almost lost the front of his scorpio at one point. Then when i went to do the test the flasher unit on Daves bike died so it had no indicators! Luckily there was another instructor there who had a GS500 as well so he let me use his. But the clutch on this bike was quite different in feel so i stalled it a couple of times, but no matter, I passed and im fuckin stoked!


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                            Cograts CBRay must be a great feeling... Going to do a few lessons on my own bike, I find the SV way easier to ride than the dodgy old GS that my instructor has. I practised some O's on the weekend and feel that the SV will virtually stay upright at a standstill (and it tracks straight which is a bonus haha)
                            Next 6 weeks is going to drag, not many shadows out my way (unless you're female of course)


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                              Thx man, yea its the best feeling! Just gotta get enough money to buy a bigger big now.
                              I didnt find the GS too bad, mind u thats the only bigger bike ridden haha.
                              Good luck with yours in 6 weeks