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  • Fat man friendly 250s


    Had a few mates with bikes over the years and have finally decided to get my license, currently under the tutalage of Dave from Dolphin Driving School in Rockingham.

    Anywho, looking at getting my 250, buttt I'm a *big* bloke, 6'2' and say 150kgs - lets not get side tracked by healthy wealthy and wise comments, leave that to me

    So whats the most fat man friendly 250's? A friend was talking about a Hyosungs? I'm learning on a GN250 - love it, cept the top speed when I'm on it is 90km/hr !

    Thanks in advance

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    Hyo would suit a larger personage.


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      the naked though... trust me - i made a mistake getting a faired one


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        These are good for the bigger bloke as well... even if not a sports, Hunter Motorcycles


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          Your height isn't an issue, the weight is though, definately go the naked Hyo or the VTR

          Have fun


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            Maybe a motard or road trail? although you may need new springs to properly suit your weight. They definitely have the most torque at the engine, and enough power up top too.
            (road trail can give you a fun workout every weekend if you want it as well!)

            Besides that - any of the other bikes mentioned will be suitable.


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              Dude you are the same size as me.

              I rode a Hyo 250 for a day and found it handled everything fine.

              No matter what bike you guy you'll need to spend some $$$ on new springs or you'll have handling issues.

              If you need any gear advice feel free to PM me.

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                Originally posted by Cbr1k View Post
                I rode a Hyo 250 for a day and found it handled everything fine.

                Little Rob
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                  A mate of mine is roughly the same size as you, he rode a VTR for over a year with no dramas. Plus that way you get a Honda instead of a Hyo


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                    Thanks everyone for the replies - Damn, shamed i missed out on the Comet that was for sale here the other day.. Though will def sit on some and look into springs


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                      Whatever this guy's riding seems fine...

                      Seriously though - the Hyo is big & comfy.

                      Motards are cool, because you feel like you can go anywhere.

                      Depends on where you want to take it.
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                        Ah yeah, I've had a mate raving on about motards, but I can't see myself driving over shit often - I'm a bit of a softie haha


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                          im 6'5" and was 130kg's when i was getting round on my gt250r (faired), never had a drama at all, would still do above and beyond posted limits to close to 1.5x, who knows how accurate the speedo is though

                          i thought it was a hoot of a first bike that did me no wrong


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                            I am 6'1" and 125kg and am riding a fully faired gt250r. It is fine. I still can cruise comfortably at 110 and even up to 135 it's got plenty to go and will still accelerate from there. Just go jump on one and make sure the riding position is comfortable for you. At the end of the day keep in mind IRS only for a year till you can get yourself a nice big bike that will suit you perfectly!
                            Originally posted by devolved
                            I did once have a chick yell "Take me with you" as I rode past on my GT250 once, I can only imagine the chick-pulling power of the 650.


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                              definately go the motard if youre concerned, wr250 will have the grunt and susp settup that would see you grinning. If ya dont want to spend that much i can def vouch for the vtr. Goodluck with your bike hunt.... Fairings are a bad look imo for the bigger blokes its such a cliche look. Its like watching a big girl doing gymnastics some things just dont look right