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    Hi All,

    With the Shadow thread list being reasonably out dated, I thought it may be easier to post up a new thread to see who is out there that can help me out with shadowing.

    I am SOR, near winthrop/applecross way, I have my own bike (Ninja 250) etc and was wondering if anyone has some spare time to help me practice. I am sure we can work something out in regards to giving something in return, whether it be food or fuel or something similar?

    let me know!

    Cheers guys!

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    How many paid lessons have you had? Would you say you were a confident learner?

    Home on thurs for a week. Always happy to help.

    Going away for the weekend. Free during the week, mostly days.
    I used to have a nice sig offering to shadow ppl. Now I have no sig...


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      Out of date?? Have you contacted some of the shadows for your area and not gotten a reply from anyone??

      The idea of the Shadow thread is for you to contact people, not to actually post in it, pick a ride you want to go on, post in the thread asking nicely for a shadow or PM one of the shadows for extra riding time.

      It does also help if you actually stick your suburb in your profile instead of the generic 'Perth' so shadow base their yes or no's or the suburb shown.

      The Shadow thread will be renewed when enough replies are received from Shadows, as a few have moved area's in the last couple of months and we now have a few that have progressed to shadowing R class as well.


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        Maybe he just saw how long ago the Shadows thread was posted and didn't realise how often you updated it!
        Never fear Brendan, Stoney's onto it! The woman is a machine :awesome: the thread certainly won't be out of date!
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          Hi Milesiles,

          I have yet to have any paid lessons, all my lessons so far have come from my Dad who has had his licence for years over years now. I am calling around a few people this coming week to book about 5 lessons with an instructor, as i do realise learning from my dad who has had his licence for ages is not going to help me in regards to all the ins and outs of the rules. I am confident on the bike and have gone on mostly short rides with my Dad, though I have yet to do a long riding session. I dont mind to have a few lessons first and then maybe u can shadow for me?

          Stoneville: Sorry about that, as courtz said I saw the date of the post and assumed it would be somewhat out of date. I apolgoise for this oversight and I will pm a few people on the list to see who is up for it. I will also update my location as per your advice. Thanks for the tips!

          I look forward to meeting a few of you guys out there!



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            When you're ready, get your dad to bring you out on a LN-WSR ride


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              Wish it was that easy but he is kind of past the whole idea of cruising! I struggle with getting him out for 30-40 mins to teach me a thing or two! Which is why I am on the hunt for a shadow =)

              I will join on the next weekly cruise for sure! Look forward to it if i can find a shadow for that one!