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    Hi all, recently I took my 2006 vtr250 for it's first service under my (somewhat proud) ownership. Being a newbie in this area, I just wanted to pass my service bill of $530 under the wise and discerning eyes of people in the know

    This was for -Lubed and adjusted cluth cable
    - Greased lever fittings and pivots
    - Flushed through new brake fluids and cleaned resevoirs
    -Checked brake pads for wear
    -Cleaned air filter, air box
    -Sincronised carbs, set idle speed
    -Change spark plugs
    -Checked fuel lines
    -Changed oil and filter
    -Topped up coolants
    -Check steering head bearings
    -Fitted and balanced front tyre
    -Tyre pressure
    -Lubed, adjusted chain
    -Check Battery Terminals
    -Check over and ride

    I guess what I'm wandering, is is this work necessary, and is the price fair?

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    How many K's has it done man?
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      Spoke to Derek Ball today about getting my bike serviced. He said $500 for major service.
      I think it includes most of it.

      Give him a call and ask
      0438 926 511


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        price seems fair , u pay about $200 for a tyre change from what i remember. its always good to have fresh fluids put in and the other stuff u can have peice of mind knowing the bike is safe.


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          expect to pay about $90-$100+/hr for any prof service. The mechanic is suggesting that he will spend ~4.5 hrs with your bike doing that work and using about $80 worth of parts.

          I dunno, I'm dubious. If people know that mechanic and recommend him, then sure, maybe he's just being thorough.


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            Anyone know what service costs on a ninja 250 are? Coming up for my 1000km service which ive been told is around 250-300 (pls correct me if I'm wrong), but wanting to know future service costs and if it's worthwhile going back to the dealer or find a good mechanic thru this site


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              It's done about 28 300 ks

              The tyre itself was $136, this, puls the other parts etc added up to $221

              It was a bit more than i expected by I will say this tho, it does feel like a whole new bike.


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                Thanks for the referral bowlen, but like a noob I posted the thread afterwards


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                  I got my fzr 250 serviced, carbs cleaned and tuned, fork seals done and general insection for $680. I thought it was a bit steep but now it seems not that bad. However he couldn't find out why the bike was running rough and kept stalling and presumed it was just 'old'. So 15 minutes on the net and $10 sealant I resealed a leaking air box and the bike has never been this good. All in all $530 seems to be very standard these days
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