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Removing bar end caps

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  • Removing bar end caps

    As title says I want to remove the bar end caps on my VTR 250 without destroying them so I can fit my recently purchased bar end mirrors.

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    And that's just from psb...

    From the first link
    Originally posted by surfercam View Post
    i posted a similar thread a while back... basically the bar ends on a stock vtr are pushed in and spot welded... firstly you need to remove your handlebars from bike which means removing grips and levers. when you have bars off check the underside about 50mm from end of handlebar and you should notice a small patch of silver touch up paint, if you look really closely you should be able to make out the 6mm hole where the ends have been welded to bars... drill out these holes and bar ends should just fall out. my old thread if you can find it should have pics attached
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      It probably says so in those links I aint going to bother to open, but since you asked the question, I used an electric Impact Driver to get the bolt out on the Zed. Make sure you get the right sized bit or you will stuff the bolt/screws head. Will only need a split second rattle with the impact driver and it'll be off, like wise if doing it back up, wind the screw in by hand and only give it a light go with the impact driver or you can sheer the bolt.
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        Or you could go to your local bike shop and they will be happy to remove them for you at no cost.

        I then again was shopping for grips at the same time and maybe this is why I got it for free.

        Otherwise MAKE SURE you use the correct size bit. Otherwise you will strip the head off it!
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