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  • GPX250 Carb sync

    Hey folks, I managed to go for a ride with a shadow today and the bike sounded kinda rough and rattly. I haven't ridden the bike since i bought it (about a month ago), having just bought a helmet the other day, so i'm not sure it isn't just the fuel going a bit crappy. But it's probably a good idea to give the bike a bit of a service.

    Having a look at the manual i can probably do most of it myself, but the carb sync looks a bit involved. Removing the tank to get at the adjustment screw, constructing some kind of two-bottle manometer thingo, etc. My question is: Is there an easy way to do this, or should the book be followed to the letter?

    I'm not sure what kind of service it had last time, so i'm thinking it ought to have everything done to be sure, but this sync thing might be enough that i might have to get someone in that actually knows what they're doing! haha

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    Save yourself the hassle this time and have it done properly then do the upkeep yourself.

    Try the mobile mechanics if you can't get it into a shop.


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      gpx carb sync is easy
      you can do it without removing the tank

      some other things to think about
      idle screw adjustment, cam chain tensioner, valve adjustment


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        its realy easy to sync these carbs. all u need is 1 bit of tube that fits and some trans fluid. make a u in the tube and tape it to a bit of wood and mark a line across them for a sync point, make sure the pipe has enough lengh so the fluid doesnt get sucked into the engine when u start the bike " not that it hurts it but it makes some smoke for a few mins" the process it basicly each carb is drawing air from the nozzel the pipe is on , if 1 carb draws more air the fluid will rise in that side of the pipe. turning the screw will make the other side draw more air to even it out. play around abit till the fluid is not moving and then they are synced. if u havnt riden it in over a month u might need the carbs cleaned and u may want to check your oil level if its sounding rattly. the bikes will generaly rattle abit but some people think a bad rattle is normal and then problems arise.

        if u need help just ask.


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          Thanks guys. I was about to buy some beer in longneck bottles so i could make the manometer (haha honest) when one of the guys at work mentioned that he has one of the proper manometer machines. So i'll borrow that to do the synch when its due at 60k. I'll see how it goes. I adjusted the clutch (There was no play at the top and it started slipping really early.) but after that it kinda shudders when in neutral with the clutch out. Though says it's a clunky loud gearbox anyway. haha

          Geez working on the bike is heaps easier than the car - even with the fairings. Though the fairings are a bit cracked around the mounts. Another thing to fix! haha