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Shadow request for riding test this Thu (Bibra Lake - Rockingham)

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  • Shadow request for riding test this Thu (Bibra Lake - Rockingham)

    UPDATE: Someone cancelled in Rockingham and I have been offered again a last minute riding assessment - thats Thu morning 8.45. So I'm looking for a shadow again on last minute. Please let me know if any of you could help out. Thanks again!

    As I gracefully failed my test yesterday morning at Willagee (failing to stop for long enough at a stop sign), I will need to go for a 2nd try.

    Someone cancelled his/her time in Rockingham and I got it for this Thu 2.50 PM.

    Looking for a shadow to help me get from Bibra Lake to Rockingham. Happy to fill your tank and to buy you lunch for your time and help. Thanks!
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    Oh dear, at least you must have done all your head checks properly?

    Hope you can get sorted, pass this time mkay


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      can help out if needed
      the name is Trevor like me to spell it for you

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        Maybe concentrating on headchecks etc too much and forgot the basics Will have to pass this time... if I find a shadow. Anyone?

        EDIT, posted at the same time Thanks robocop, I will PM you.


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          hey, sorry to hear you failed you test, i also did with mine at willagee on wed who did u have?? and hope you blitz the next one


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            Hi Kenk, I also failed yesterday at Willagee for same reason - you didn't have the tall bearded assessor did you (James)?

            Best of luck for your test at Rockingham, hope you passed without a hitch. Would be very grateful if you'd post how you went, I'm also booked there for late June (earliest place I could get a test, and its a long way from Freo..)


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              I hear Todds a hard examiner at Willagee, hes been under audit lately for fairness reasons. I failed my first test through him, appealed it to the Transport board and got it overturned and got my RE's
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                As discussed in the RE test thread, I did fail my assessment last week in Rockingham. Overall the assessor seemed like a nice guy but as said I did not agree to several points where I got marked.

                Got a new assessment time again thanks to someone cancelling but its already tomorrow (19.05) morning at 8.45. So as unpleasant as it is, I am again looking for a last-minute shadow. Anyone here that could help me out again? Success(Cockburn) to Rockingham. Thanks!


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                  Found a shadow so thats solved. Will report again tomorrow


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                    Good to hear


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                      Passed today Assessed by Gerri. Managed to do something I have never done before - stall my bike on a U turn and make s short skid on E brake. Other than that all was fine. Thanks again to Shortfuse for shadowing and Robocop for offering to shadow.
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                        Congratulations - at last!
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