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  • Yamaha MT03

    Had a loan of one of these sweet little bikes a few weeks ago. A 650cc single.
    Yes its LAMS approved and still so much fun. Did a ride around the suburbs and riding position is beaut for a commuter bike. Enough pick up to leave cars at lights and a lot of bikes as well.
    Did a country ride with a few mates down through Dwellingup and back through Boddington. As a highway runner this big single has plenty of go to overtake in comfort and being 182cm tall I found it quite comfortable. Its handles all conditions really well and i was surprised at its performance (as did my mates).
    If you are looking for something different to the normal bike take one for a ride and see what you think. A good all round bike that will surprise you with its performance and rideability.

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    I quite like the look of it.


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      Yeah i tried one out when helping a mate choose a lams bike about a month ago.

      Things i liked:
      Comfortable riding position
      looks good
      good handling
      Great torque and take off, like you said
      Great commuter

      Things i didnt like:
      Had to change gears 318349 times to get to 100kph
      Really felt like it was accelerating quick, but you would get through each gear within seconds and still be doing 60kph. Otherwise great bike, you'd definitely want to change the front sprocket on it for a bigger one as you first mod if you bought this bike.

      My 2c!
      I love riding, especially yamamas


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        ive got one of these little pocket rockets, aamzing bike for a LAMS and cheap to run, only thing i see as a downer would be the brakes.
        Benifits :
        front wheel comes up easy
        Cheap servicing being a yammy and naked
        quick accelerating
        lovely to throw around corners
        has drawn alot of police attention
        brakes dont really suit the bike.
        runs out of breath after 160kmh


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          Looked at elb94's one today...

          Nice little package...


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            If the brakes are bad, could do braided lines and new pads?
            Can make a big improvement over standard..


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              The one i rode would do endos without any trouble.
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                Originally posted by twiz View Post
                If the brakes are bad, could do braided lines and new pads?
                Can make a big improvement over standard..
                Tell me more tell more more..


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                  Well for starters in which way are they bad? Fading, spongy, initial bite?
                  Ebay's your friend for getting pads and lines, there's many threads on types+brands on here.
                  I personally use goodridge lines and ebc pads.
                  Could help putting some decent fluid through first to see if it improves


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                    Originally posted by elb94 View Post
                    Tell me more tell more more..
                    You have two piston sliding callipers...

                    What this means is the caliper has two pistons on one side of the disc...

                    When the brake is applied these pistons push against the disc and cause the other side of the caliper to slide up against the other side of the disc...

                    This sliding is done on pins. You will see these pins have rubber boots on them to stop crap getting in and causing them to jam...

                    A common problem is that the small amount of grease on these pins gets crap on them, or due to heat from the brakes the grease "burns" off over time...

                    This affects the performance of the brakes...

                    It is something to be aware of...


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                      And now the modding phase shall begin.


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                        Well the best brake mod would be a set of 4 piston calipers and master cylinder of an early model R6...

                        You would need to check if they would fit, but I reckon they may...


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                          Worth going down to my local yamaha to ask about It
                          or neg?


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                            I'd do some interneting...

                            The first pic looks like 4 piston callipers...

                            New 2012 Yamaha MT-03 Torque | automodified


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                              ill ave to do some investigatin govna.
                              Thoughts on sprocket change as mentioned below rich?