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CBR250r 12k service.

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  • CBR250r 12k service.

    Hello community,

    Long time lurker, first time poster :-)

    I've had my 2011 CBR since new and have just clocked 13xxx Ks. I thought I'd like to learn how to service it myself so after extensive research on this site, others alike and watching YouTube video on the subject I went out and bought all the required tools/parts. Everything has gone very smoothly and wasn't all that difficult, it's actually quite fun and I look forward to leaning more mechanics down the road.

    I do however have one question.
    After replacing the rear brake pads from worn organic to new sintered the rear wheel now "feels stiff" after removing the old pads I had to pry open the rear caliper piston to fit the new bulky pads. I did replace the brake fluids before I replaced the pads.
    To give an idea of how stiff; before i could easily roll my bike backwards out the driveway, now it is taking quite some force by me, as if the brake is slightly consistently engaged.

    Is this normal for new pads whilst bedding ?
    It is greatly appreciated if anyone who replies could elaborate on their answers as I am still learning the technicals :-)

    Thank you.

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    Before pushing the piston back in did you give it a clean?

    Brakes are not something you should be learning straight out without some assistance...


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      Good on you for having a go yourself. I've learnt to do all the servicing on my bike myself, it's both financially and personally rewarding.

      Did you compare the thickness of the new brake pads to the ones you removed? I'm surprised you wore out a set of rear brake pads in 13000km. My bike is up around the 35,000km mark and have only just had to replace the front pads.

      Check the pistons aren't gunked up with crap that is stopping them from moving freely. It isn't uncommon for brakes pads to rub on the rotors, but if it's to the point of you not being able to push the bike, then no that isn't normal for new pads.


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        Originally posted by Rich... View Post
        Before pushing the piston back in did you give it a clean?

        Brakes are not something you should be learning straight out without some assistance...
        I'd agree with this... 13,000 km's to wear out your rear brake pads means they have probably got a lot of brake dust over the pistons which you haven't cleaned off. This will then cause them to bind and wear your seals when you've pushed them back if you haven't cleaned them... This can also cause the symptoms your seeing.
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          Morning Crew,

          The issue has significantly improved on its own during last nights and this morning commute. I believe the pad may have just been settling in. I now know to always clean a piston before punching it into the caliper. Seems common sense really now I know about it.
          Thank you all for your advise.
          Oh and Rich, I'll try not to hurt myself during the learning process ;-)


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            It's not so much hurting yourself as the little tips and tricks that let everything work better together and last longer...