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anyone wrecking a vt250 SPADA 89

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  • anyone wrecking a vt250 SPADA 89

    i dropped my baby on the right hand side(going reasonably fast) and the rear foot peg and rear brake have snapped off and the front brake has also come off, making it a write off but i want to keep it and fix it myself. i need a rear foot rest and front brake lever, maybe an exhaust if someone has one. pm me if you have anything or know some where i can get those things

    P.S two wheel wreckers doesn't have anything

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    Those parts should match up to the later VTR 250, or at least the cbr250s from the 90s. I think when I was getting bits for my vtr250 they even matched up with the old CB250s. Those sort of parts are usually matched across multiple models in order to keep costs down. The difficulty you will have finding parts is that model only had a short run and was only available in Australia and Japan, so it is a matter of finding out what matches. Try asking at a dealer and matching the part numbers between the Spada and later models for the bits you need. Are there any model specific websites or forums.