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need traffic experiance/confidance

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  • need traffic experiance/confidance

    I stay in Henley Brook, need a shadow on weekends please, please.

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    Hehya, how about a bit more info!!

    How many lessons have you had, how long have you been riding/learning, what bike you on blah blah blah

    Can you only ride on the weekends?


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      Had a learners in South Africa rode for a few years when I was there you did not need to display plates or have a shadow as a result I just redid my learners when it ran out last time I rode there I had a spill which messed the bike up. Have been in Perth about 12 years decided to get my licence have had 5 lessons to check requirements to pass here, have booked a PDA for early Feb. I just need to get out more, because of the hours I work in the week weekends are best. I have a Royal Enfield bullet which is lams approved.