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Advice on purchasing over east bikes.

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  • Advice on purchasing over east bikes.

    Hey everyone,

    I have been lurking PSB for quite some time now, and as of a few months ago I purchased a KTMDUKE200 and got a few lessons.
    I passed my test and have been riding every day since.
    Currently my Duke has an offer on it and I will be selling the bike this coming weekend (14th / 15th December).

    The main reason for selling this bike is i am 6'4 and feel like the bike is just too small for my size.
    After hours and hours of research I'm currently deciding between the Yamaha FZ6R and the Kawasaki Ninja 650RL.
    These bikes virtually don't exist in WA. I am leaning towards the ninja, as i would like the bike to be a project streetfighter. I feel this will help me really understand how bikes work and learn as much as i can whilst on LAMS.
    Then in a years time I can un-restrict it and continue the project.

    So I am considering grabbing one online from over east and having it delivered to Perth CBD.
    This is an entire new experience for me and I'm looking for any advice on the best way to go about this entire situation & the bikes I'm looking to purchase.

    If I am warned against the 650's I will most likely get a motard, even though its not my desired bike they seem to be readily available online.

    All comments and opinions appreciated.

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    Buy a tard, best investment ever!
    Just do it. Seriously, if you look up the standing rules of PSB it goes something like this.

    1. Dont be a dick
    2. Desmo is allowed to be a dick (sometimes)
    3. Buy the one with the most Duke
    4. Dont ask about fixing the search function.
    etc etc..


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      A mate of mine is thinking about selling his FZ6R Lams bike. I was going to buy it but I haven't got that much cash or my license at the moment. It's a 2013 and has around 800km on the clock. He has been riding with shadows on his big bike so this bike hasn't seen much road time. Its basically brand new. He also has broken his leg so it's been hard for him to sell it. By the time his leg heals he'll be able to get his big bike license and ride his other bike. I could help him by showing it to you if your interested. Last time I saw it there wasn't a scratch on it. It was perfect.

      Let me know if your serious and interested.

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        I've been looking at Easter States bikes as well because they just seem cheaper. I think that t has something to do with the LAMS program being extended to 660cc this year and there not being many second handys yet. I looked into it and the process goes like this. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

        Pick a few bikes to look at in the same city/area.
        Travel there and hire a hire car.
        Get one nights accommodation. It may take a day or two to find the right bike.
        Fly over as early as possible and view the bikes.
        When decided on which bike make sure you can get the stock parts if it has been modified.
        When purchasing make sure you get a receipt from the seller, you will need it to register the bike in WA.
        Take the number plates off the bike and tell the seller to take them back to the DOT for a rego refund on remaining period (the seller may give you more of a discount).
        Apply at the DOT for an unregistered vehicle movement. This is a straight forward process and may be able to do this on you phone/net when the purchase is made.
        Take the bike to a freighting yard where it can be freighted from.
        Fly back to WA, book a pits inspection and wait for the bike to arrive.
        Apply at the DOT for an unregistered movement from the freighting yard to where the bike is to be stored.
        Apply at the DOT for an unregistered movement from bike storage to the pits make sure that there's nothing wrong with the bike and it is back to stock. It won't be reregistered as LAMS approved if it has been modified.
        Once the pit inspection has been passed you have the all clear to register the bike. You will need the receipt from the seller to prove to DOT you are the owner of the bike at this point.
        Bike registered

        After finding out about this process working out the additional costs to just purchasing one in WA I concluded that it was probably the same total cost and less F&^king around and less chance of something going wrong if I just bought one here. You have to do your sums and make sure you are saving enough to motivate you to go through the process.

        The other alternative is to buy one on the internet at an Interstate dealership and hope that it's all good when it gets here. I my experience dealerships are a little more expensive probably because of the warranty you get. But if something goes wrong your not exactly going to ship it back for repairs anyway. Too much risk for me and still not saving that much.

        Does that help.


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          buying sight unseen.... nawwwwww
          faster ya go closer to nirvana


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            I did it and wrote it up:

            Tried to cover everything but any questions ask away.

            The only thing I would add in hindsight would be to pay (if buying from a private seller) via PayPal to get protection if it goes pear shaped. Seller pays the PayPal fees though so you might have to negotiate on that when agreeing on price.
            It didn't look that far on the map...


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              Originally posted by c_u_in_hell View Post

              A mate of mine is thinking about selling his FZ6R Lams bike.
              How much does he want for it?
              Originally posted by SIR sparks a lot
              remember opinions are like assholes everybody will have one
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              Who died while defending his right of way;
              He was right, oh so right, as he journeyed along
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                Originally posted by acdcfan View Post
                How much does he want for it?
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                  Save yourself the hassle, get a supermoto like this Husqvarna sm630 supermoto lams | Motorcycles | Gumtree Australia Stirling Area - Balcatta | 1034229544

                  An unrestricted LAMS bike is a white elephant. Nobody on their R-E will be able to ride it legally and nobody on their R will want it as there are better options available.
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                  Originally posted by Desmo
                  Why be a cunt about it?


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                    Originally posted by Magilla View Post
                    ??? were you meant to write something
                    Originally posted by SIR sparks a lot
                    remember opinions are like assholes everybody will have one
                    Here lies the body of Dorian Grey
                    Who died while defending his right of way;
                    He was right, oh so right, as he journeyed along
                    But he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong


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                      Buying from over east = add another 1k to get it trnasported here... Unless you fly and get it yourself. Then its add $150ish for flights, $350+ish for fuel and $500 worth of new tyres when you get back here....


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                        Thanks for the responses everyone. I figured after Spudda's response the thread would die. Stoked with everyone's advice.
                        To give an update I Purchased a 2013 Ninja 650l for 7.7k with 1300k's on it. Won't be unrestricting it, but i feel this bike fits my size and desires in a lams bike perfectly.

                        Thanks again, can't wait to post photos and updates of my new project to be! Picking the bike up in a week or two.