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Anyone done their test in Midland?

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  • Anyone done their test in Midland?

    Any advice? Anything I need to look out for? I have my test this week and I'm sooo nervous!

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    Some good guys there some wankers, dont let to much room on the inside before the stop sign at the start indicate out of roundabouts.
    School zones, and changing lanes before traffic lights! Oh and theres a couple of unsignposted merge spots....


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      I did mine recently. I cant shadow but can show you the route and the places they stop for o turns ect
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        I did mine a few months ago.

        Biggest tip is relaxation, and mind over matter.

        Each time you go to sleep over the week just dream of passing, it helps to picture the win.

        As my missus always tells me, if you focus on the worst, you invite it into your life.


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          Look both ways crossing the railroad tracks and watch out for the school zone. Relax.
          “How people treat you is their karma; how you respond is yours.”


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            the hardest part of the test is nerves try and relax forget they are there and just ride
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              as said railway tracks look both ways
              Actully be a bobble head , look at everything.
              be carfull of after leaving lights where two lanes become one, indicate at these places that you are merging.
              Speed , unless signed its 50kmh
              dont be nervous , but dont be cocky , there is middle ground there somewhere lol

              the thing is you must look comfertable and awhere of your souroundings at all times.
              No stoppies or wheelies , no knee down - had to be said.
              (anarchy in english )


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                50/50 one guy awesome and friendly, the other a complete arrogant cockhead. If you get asshole guy, dont be intimidated, as it will get into your head. Just picture him as Desmo, should make you laugh and feel better.

                Be careful of a particular road that looks like bush near a train track. Its a 50 zone. No speed signs but actually residential so 50kmph. 60 is an instant fail.
                Its all good on Ducati's


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                  Thanks guys.

                  Where do they take you to do O turns and emergency stops?


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                    there are two places
                    1- off claton street you have passco or heinkin (that area )
                    the other I dont know
                    REPENT MOTHER FUCKER
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                      There are three places actually. Or maybe my assesor was just a meanieface
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                      That little girl likes her pizza more than you like people


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                        I'm doing it today at scared!


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                          If you are super nervous - pop a nurofen or two - it will calm your nerves significantly and stop you from sitting on the bike shaking like a dogs tail. Just don't take too many to make you drowsy - because 'drowsy drivers die!'.
                          And remember - the main reason to not let you pass is if you appear insecure and not being careful for yourself. They don't want to create one more possible rider down...

                          Good luck!


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                            so the places they take to you do your o -turns and e-stops are :
                            Francis street and railway ave (both are just off lloyd street). Railway ave is slightly skinnier than so take that into account.
                            Railway parade is also another one- this is the one just near clayton street, most midland instructors take you here so you should've practised here.
                            If you had my assesor he would take you to landor ave (just behind bunnings). worst spot for nervous riders. fences are high and trees are tall. VERY skinny road. Not good when your on a cruiser like I was.. asshole.

                            Not sure how well you know midland. For a 1pm test watch out for the school zones round Midvale primary school and also St brigids primary (the one on toodyay road).

                            Also watch to merge points and remember to indicate past them (i got caught on the one that merges at a set of traffic lights at morrison/lloyd street intersection)

                            headchecks headchecks headchecks. Every single tiny side street, every railway crossing. Shoulder checks for merge points.
                            never put your right foot down.
                            keep your indicator on for o-turns (always head check before turning)

                            make sure you indicate out of the licencing center carpark, automatic fail (and shoulder check too)
                            when coming back into the licencing centre stay in the right track as they will take point off you for being so close to parked cars.

                            people say dont be nervous but when i did my test the 2nd time I was quite nervous (i dont agree with the above post about popping pills). my assessor saw how nervous I was and took that into account. Couldnt do o-turns for shit, but when he pretended he wasn't watching I did them Perfectly. Although my assessor also did a wheelie for me so he was a one of a kind guy. here's hoping you get mick as an assessor.

                            As dissapointing as it is, its not the end of the world if you fail. a bike with an l plate is still better than 4 wheels
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                            That little girl likes her pizza more than you like people


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                              Prob too late but watch out for the fat bastard assessor.

                              Outside the assessment centre there are a number of parking bays marked "assessment parking only" or similar.

                              I parked there for my test; when we came out to start the test the FB goes 'those parks are for cars; move your bike up to this bay' ie 10 metres away. I move the bike and he goes "I should fail you on the spot - you should have pushed the bike as you just drove without a shadow". WTF! Wanker.

                              I assigned 85% to him; 5% to being late Friday afternoon and 10% to the PSB stickers on my bike
                              It didn't look that far on the map...