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Shadow Required: East Perth to Thornlie

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  • Shadow Required: East Perth to Thornlie

    Hi folks,

    It's been a while. As the title states, I require a shadow to get my bike from East Perth to Thornlie please, sometime during Sunday 5th or afternoon/evening of Monday 6th Jan.

    I am aware of the shadows thread, but short of messaging individuals, I will await for a reply here first. I would also like future shadows please, to help increase my skills/confidence on the bike, and to join in on group rides. I am happy to pay for fuel and any food on these trips.
    *Edit*: Future shadows will be from the South East area.

    A bit of background: This will be my first time on this bike. It is a hyo gt250r..... it's what I can afford for now. I have had a number of lessons so far and an advanced ride/skills day (all through Global and Mr Green), and have been unsuccessful in my test purely down to nerves and being a test situation.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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