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Any generous shadows rockingham area?

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  • Any generous shadows rockingham area?

    So my test is booked for the 9am on the 25th of this month (wednesday). I have one more lesson before this but am starting to feel a bit nervous and hoping for a little more riding before that date so I can feel more confident about passing on the day.
    Is there anyone willing to shadow me any time (i'm still on leave for the next week) before wednesday to help me feel that I am 100% ready for this test on wednes? Catch is (and why i'm not just inboxing shadows from the list and asking) that after just coming back from holidays I can't really afford to compensate anyone for their time. I can certainly do so in the future for your help and won't forget it but if anyone just wants to go for a ride and wouldn't mind stopping by my place and letting me tag along that would be awesome. At the same time I completely understand if I don't get any replies.


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    Dude, if you had of posted this earlier, I would have been happy to help.
    Unfortunately I fly out tomorrow morning, wont be back for 2 weeks
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      There is a Newby Ride for learners on Tuesday 24th.

      Maybe ask for a shadow to that ?
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        If you had of posted before the weekend, I could"ve shot down that way.
        Lets ride....


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          Yeah I was away before the weekend unfortunately or a friend who normally shadows me could of helped a little then. Just got back sunday arvo so just hoping I can squeeze another ride in other than my lesson before the test as I now haven't been on a bike for about 10days.

          Originally posted by TROUBLE View Post
          There is a Newby Ride for learners on Tuesday 24th.

          Maybe ask for a shadow to that ?
          Cheers, will do.


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            Hey champ, I've just moved down to rocko and can take you out for a ride tonight if you're keen.
            Shoot me a PM and we can sort out the details.
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